Border Patrol Agents Encounter Group Of 121 Illegal Immigrants

Border Patrol photo taken in September 2018

On September 8, 121 immigrants turned themselves in to Ajo Station Border Patrol agents near the Senita Basin north of Lukeville.

The group was comprised of 111 adults and children from Guatemala and 10 from El Salvador.

Four days earlier, on Sept. 4, agents found 163 illegal immigrants several miles west of Lukeville’s Port of Entry. On Aug. 20, Ajo Station agents encountered 128 illegal immigrants who had been abandoned by their smugglers. Another 103 people entered the U.S. as a group on Aug. 28.

“This is where our law enforcement mission quickly turns from enforcing immigration laws to preserving life by ensuring the welfare and wellbeing of these migrant families,” said Tucson Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch. “Transnational criminal organizations are exploiting these immigrant families and demonstrating their blatant disregard for human life.”


  1. The Globalists are simply building the highway to Canada, the ‘North American States’ including the USA are simply a part of that ‘globalist plan’ it does not include a USA being in existence.

  2. Re: Garcia’s bid for Governor running that ad about “Imagine: No wall….” Yes, just imagine that. Unfettered, un-vetted, unlimited millions of illegals swarming into your country like a horde of ravenous army ants. Drug dealers, child-predators, slave-traders, rapists, murderers, terrorists from other countries. Yes, just imagine THAT!

  3. Follow the money…that’s where it always leads to the polititions and lobbyists. Helps to have a Pima County Government that’s in on it to!

  4. When you hear of this many illegal entries at a time, remember that politician running for governor who wants to abolish ICE, repeats “no wall,no wall for Southern Arizona” and wants in state tuition for illegal entry persons. That, I say is not Governor material for Arizona. Period, with out question!

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