Pima County Search And Rescue: Sunday’s Comic

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There might be one adult in Pima County, but she need back up. Give Supervisor Steve Christy (the dimmest bulb around), and Sheriff Mark Napier a spine, and who knows what could happen to the failing status quo. We sure you like to see it happen….


  1. Why do Lea Marquez-Peterson and Governor Ducey support the Steve Christy`s and Little Johnny Winchester`s of Pima County? Because they know a corrupt Pima County works so much more efficiently when both the Democrats and Republicans work together to fleece the taxpayers to finance their mutually beneficial schemes. If you recall, Winchester`s main purpose in running to replace Miller was because he, “a reasonable man of the world,” could “get along” with the Democrat majority. For conservatives, going along to get along at this time is the very worst thing. The Arizona GOP establishment is part of the “Anonymous” movement, the “good” Republicans working to make America better in spite of President Trump, people who will be there to join the Democrats in the next Congress to finally impeach our President and remove him from office. Remember, the Democrats do not need to become a majority in the House to impeach Trump, all they need is a few Republican House members to join them in a vote to impeach the President and that is why Governor Ducey wants Republicans to unite and vote for Marquez=Peterson. Governor Ducey met with Senator McCain, President Trump`s mortal enemy just before McCain passed and you can bet Ducey`s conversion to the Trump agenda, Ducey`s current campaign line, was not the subject of their talks, that instead they planned a funeral which would ostracize Trump from the Republican power brokers and party faithful and work on a strategy to, in concert with others in the Never Trump movement and the Democrat Party, remove President Trump from office. The most important office to fill for conservative Republicans in Arizona this year is the Senate seat currently held by Senator Flake, so spend your time and money helping her get elected. Martha McSally may be more in the mold of the Republican establishment than a strict conservative, but she appears to also be an honorable person and WILL NOT vote to remove President Trump on false charges if he is impeached by the Democrats and the Never Trump Republicans.

  2. Never a clearer distinction between fact and fiction. It’s a lot to hope for. Trusting a used car salesman to do the right thing and cleaning up decades of corruption at PCSO is a tall order.
    Steve Christy ever getting a brain and Sheriff Mark Napier ever getting a spine, must be over in the delusional fantasy section of the children’s library.

    The Oracle

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