Border Patrol Agents Thwart 4 Trunk Smuggling Attempts Within 8 Hours

Five U.S. citizens, three Guatemalan, 1 Honduran, and six Mexican nationals were arrested by Border Patrol agents during four separate alien smuggling attempts on Wednesday.

Sonoita Station agents on Wednesday morning extricated a U.S. citizen driver and passenger, along with two Mexican nationals, from an Infinity Q50 after the driver fled from agents and crashed into a culvert on State Route 83. Agents discovered an additional Mexican and Honduran national locked in the vehicle’s trunk. All of the occupants were transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

A couple hours later, agents from the Tucson Station stopped a Honda Civic and a Nissan Maxima on Highway 286. During the immigration inspection of the occupants, agents determined the U.S. citizen drivers from both vehicles were each smuggling a Mexican and Guatemalan national in the trunks of their vehicles.

Late that afternoon, agents working at the Nogales Border Patrol Immigration Checkpoint, discovered a Mexican and Guatemalan national smuggled in the trunk of a Chrysler 200.

The U.S. citizen drivers were arrested and charged for alien smuggling. The ten illegal aliens, ranging in age from 17 to 40, were processed for immigration violations.

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  1. Thank you Border Patrol, your efforts are acknowledged. Without your hard work we would be swamped with law breakers. Once again Thank you.

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