Green Card Holding Semi-Truck Drivers Caught Smuggling Illegal Aliens

In two separate incidents, two semi-truck drivers, who are Legally Admitted Permanent Residents, were caught smuggling illegal aliens at the Interstate 19 Immigration Checkpoint.

In the first instance, agents referred a 35-year-old male driver of a semi-truck for secondary inspection and discovered four Mexican men, ages 18 through 24, being smuggled in the sleeper portion of the cab.

In the second instance, agents at the same checkpoint referred a 47-year-old driver of a semi-truck for secondary inspection and discovered a 30-year-old previously deported Mexican national concealed in the cab.

Agents seized both semi-trucks and arrested all subjects. The five Mexican nationals were processed for immigration violations, while both drivers face federal smuggling charges.


  1. It is within the realm of possibility that the hideaways snuck themselves into the sleeper cab. But if the driver can be proven guilty he should lose his green card. I suspect that in all these cases where drugs or illegal aliens are found in a semi-truck, the drivers are probably released.

    • Lose his Green Card and sentenced to a long term in a Federal prison. Isn`t Governor Ducey using Arizona tax dollars to train Mexican nationals on how to negotiate border crossings into the U. S. with the least hassle and if so, did he vet the trainees to determine they were not smugglers or other undesirables?

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