Abortion Is Not A Political Decision

No sooner than Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, political pundits began to speculate that Roe vs. Wade would be overturned when a Supreme Court replacement for Justice Kennedy is chosen. A woman has the right to seek medical attention for an unwanted pregnancy, and makes this choice based on a number of considerations, that can include her personal beliefs, input from family and that of the father of the baby. The last thing that should occur is political will of public interest groups, agencies or courts to usurp the woman’s right to voluntarily decide the outcome of an unwanted pregnancy.

It is out of place to speculate and question what a new Supreme Court Justice being considered for court appointment has on his or her views concerning Roe vs. Wade. Abortion is not a political issue to be decided by our Supreme Court. It is not anybody’s business to establish rules on preventing abortion. For politicians to prohibit abortion is in conflict with the separation of Church and State, as the variables concerning the possibility of an abortion should be based upon a personal, medical or religious decision and not be funded with public funds.

It is wrong for public interest groups to seek laws that invade the privacy of an individual’s personal rights.


  1. Abortion is murder and Abortion becomes a political football when taxpayers are told they need to participate in the murder of the unborn with their money. One needs to ask why the Abortion Mills do not allow the mother of the “blob of tissue mass” to see it moving around in her uterus, and to hear the beating heart.

  2. 60,000,000 ‘decisions’ to kill, the souls of the saints pilled high to the heavens has God in place to destroy this nation. On the near term horizon

  3. Abortion is not a political issue. Abortion is a matter between a woman, her doctor and her God. The woman and doctor can answer to their God in the end.

  4. While it shouldn’t be a “political issue” it was the Supreme Court who upheld Roe vs. Wade. That said all to often someone claims something is a “right” when it’s not. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it a right as spelled out in the Constitution. I would love someone to note anywhere under the Bill of Rights where it says you have the right to an abortion or where you as a citizen have to pay for someone elses abortion.

  5. Count me in the camp of those who would like to see fewer abortions. Yet a woman has the right to choose. The article is right that this certainly should not be a political issue. How about just a couple changes that will, in my opinion, cool off the rhetoric? One, do not use taxpayer money to pay for abortions, and two, let’s put the focus on preventing unwanted pregnancies with every method available, be it pills, early education, or whatever other ideas people may have.

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