Gosar Mom Liked Paul Best: Sunday’s Comic

From Seeingredaz.com:

AZ US Rep. Paul Gosar’s siblings from hell

Congressman’s dysfunctional siblings campaign for liberal challenger

When it comes to having strong conservative values, there are few who meet the test as does Arizona’s 4th Congressional District U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar. The dentist who went to Washington in 2011 is well respected, not only among the Republicans in his district, but those throughout the state. Scroll down to the bottom of his bio link above to see the many high ratings he has earned.

Deplorably Paul Gosar has been set upon by 6 of his 10 siblings who are urging support of his Democrat challenger. They give new meaning to the “own kin” portion of these words of Jesus cited in Mark 6:4: “A prophet is not without honor, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.”

Among the 10 kids in his family there are 7 Democrats (six of whom appear in the ad shilling for his Democrat opponent), 2 Republicans and 1 Independent.


  1. My wife and I were privileged to see and hear him speak in Cottonwood a couple of weeks ago. He’s got our vote. And he’s got our respect as well.

  2. Shame on those siblings. Exposes more about who & what they are than it demeans Mr. Gosar. What a hateful manner in which to treat your brother. Not to mention the disrespect to their own Mother by having done so. Shame on his opponent, as well, for having gone so low. Oozes desperation.
    I have 6 siblings in all. We don’t all agree politically, and that is ok. But none of us would do to each other what these rabid democrat progressives have to one of their own.

    The cross is theirs to bear now. Not Mr. Gosars.

    His Mama is right, he’s done good work for Arizona.

  3. Every family has discord, but this bunch takes the cake.
    Thanks Gosar kids, you make my tribe look tame.
    The rabid cannibalism of the left is in full public display for all to see.

    The Oracle

  4. Truth is a powerful tool. Gosar is a hater bu all things will be judged by our maker, not Republican party.

    Can i have a AMEN.

  5. What do you expect from Democrats. They are the people who upon the election of Trump told us their kids were terrorized. What exactly was it that Mr. Trump said or did to terrorize a child? NOTHING. The only way their children were terrorized is if their own parents terrorized them and as we know, a child has to be taught to hate, so well done Democrats. BTW will the Obama Democrats and their media partners be encouraging Democrats to attend family
    gatherings this holiday season to continue their hate mongering while the rest of us are doing the opposite, trying to bring our loved ones together? What is it the Democrats hate, Republicans, family harmony or our American and religious traditions or is it all of them?

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