The Hysterical Implosion Of The Democratic Party

The first night of the Democratic Convention Center held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. (Photo by Lily Altavena/News 21)

Christine Blasey Ford alleged that, during a party in 1982 (she’s not sure of the year), she’s not sure how she arrived at the party and doesn’t remember how she returned home, at a house she cannot identify or locate, she was sexually assaulted by Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Ford alleged that everyone was drinking heavily at the party.  Everyone must include Ford, who can’t remember anything.

The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee immediately pounced. Democrats and the radical left, one in the same now, had vowed, even before Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination was announced, that they would do anything to prevent a Trump nominee from taking a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Situational ethics is the Democrat mantra: the ends justify the means.  In our country’s entire history, the individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  In the Democrat’s Alice in Wonderland upside down and backwards looking glass,  the individual is guilty until proven innocent.  Senator Chris Coons stated that Judge Kavanaugh “bears the burden of disproving these allegations.” This comment from a graduate of Yale law is one of the dumbest, most cynical and dishonest statements I have heard.

We should look at the facts. Dr. Ford made an allegation against Judge Kavanaugh.  An allegation is not fact. Dr. Ford named three witnesses who were allegedly present at the party: Leland Ingham Keyser, Mark Judge and Patrick Smyth.  All three deny having knowledge of or attending any party as described by Ford. Keyser, who is a lifelong friend of Ford’s, specifically stated she had no recollection of ever being at a party where Judge Kavanaugh was present.

The Democratic Party scoured the area looking for additional witnesses or alleged victims, and Deborah Ramirez was located. She said that Judge Kavanugh exposed himself to her during a drinking game but admitted she was drunk and had memory gaps. Two classmates who Ramirez said were at the dorm party said they had no memory of anything like Ramirez described.

So, to date, we have Dr. Ford, a Democrat activist who participated in the George Soros funded vagina hat womens’ march in Washington, D.C., who is a constant Trump criticizer. We have Dr.Ford’s allegation without any facts to back her allegation. The so-called witnesses she names all deny her allegation.

The second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, also named witnesses, who also denied the Ramirez allegation. Ramirez admitted that she was drunk at the time of the alleged incident and had memory gaps. Again, we have no facts.

The Ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee is Senator Diane Feinstein, who sat on the Ford letter for two months, waiting for the opportune time to release the letter. When she released it to the FBI, the Bureau placed it in the Kavanaugh file without acting on it. The FBI had performed six background investigations over the years on Judge Kavanaugh. He passed each one.

Senator Chris Coons, Yale law school graduate, and Democrat, tossed out 229 years of legal jurisprudence by claiming Judge Kavanaugh had to disprove the allegations rather than the accusers corroborating their allegations with evidence.

Senator Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal said he believes Dr. Ford, even though no evidence has been submitted and no one cross examined. Senator Mazie Hirono, who demanded that all men just “shut up,” also stated, “But, as I said, for “The Wall Street Journal” to come out and talk to us about, talk to me about due process, or all the women out there that I’m hearing about who never came forward, it is really important, not only for these survivors to be heard, but if their stories are credible, as Dr. Ford’s story is, they need to be believed.”

They need to be believed without factual evidence and before testimony is taken . . . this reveals her own egregious bias in the matter. Hirono refused to say that Judge Kavanugh has the presumption of innocence. Hirono claimed that facts don’t matter. Judge Kavaugh is guilty of attempted rape decades ago because he is a conservative judge. But I have to ask, when does an allegation of heavy teenage petting morph into attempted rape? Only in Senator Hirono’s convoluted socialist little mind.

Every Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee should be removed for cause as they all said they believe the accuser before any facts or testimony have been presented. It’s situational ethics. The ends justify the means. They will do anything, legal or illegal, to thwart President Trump and Judge Kavanaugh.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats have shown themselves to be completely dishonest, biased, and willing to violate the law in their own self interest.

The one fact we have is that as a matter of law and fact, Dr. Ford’s accusation can be neither proved nor disproved. For the corrupt Senate Judiciary Democrats, the fact that the accusation cannot be disproved has political value . . . the ends justify the means. Democrats do not deserve respect; they are contemptible.


  1. Love the article. But I have one objection. When men write about this vicious attack on Kavanaugh, and no doubt it is, they tried to kill two birds with one stone. The sentence when heaving teenage petting morphs into sexual assault. Kavanaugh did not even do that. That is another battle in another war altogether.

  2. The democrat Progressive Socialist Communists hate the Constitution of The United States, because it was written to protect the citizens of this GREAT Country, from an over reaching, over bearing, big central Government.
    They know if they are to survive, they must destroy the Constitution, and all that it stands for. And that kids is why you need to vote, to protect this Republic, and protect all for which it stands for. This is by far the most important midterm election in my lifetime.

  3. This show of demonic hysterics of the left-wing nut cases, democratic socialists, out-right socialist, communists, whatever they are, with their whining, crying, running conservatives out of public places or pounding on their office doors and screaming at them, bearing false witness, reminds me of the Book of Matthew 13:36-42. These current left-wingers are the tares of our society who are behaving as a gaggle of demon-possessed maniacs who weep, wail, and gnash their teeth against the US Constitution and all things that have made the US a beacon of freedom. Confronting such evil by rebuking it with authority instead of ignoring it is the proper course. Enforce the laws against the perpetrators of such disruptions as well as against their financiers such as Soros or be overcome by them.

  4. She went alone to a party with four boys, wearing a one piece swimsuit under her clothing??? Was it promoted to her as a swim party? Could her mother tell something was wrong when she returned home that night?

    Where is her family on the allegations? This is odd.

  5. It would be wrong to conclude that the hearing today is evidence of “the hysterical implosion of the Democratic (sic) Party.” The Democrats have achieved their goal of delaying the vote on the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh in the hope that his appointment will ultimately fail for whatever reason and whether that goal has been achieved we will only know when the full Senate votes on the appointment. Keep in mind that every Democrat on the Judiciary Committee has vowed prior to today`s hearing to vote against recommending Judge Kavanaugh to the full Senate to be appointed to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. That being the case, why else did the Democrats` leader on the Committee, Senator Feinstein. withhold the accusation of Dr. Ford from the full Committee during the regularly scheduled process IF NOT to delay a decision by the Senate in the hope of undermining Judge Kavanaugh`s appointment? Let`s not be fooled, the Democrats and their partners in the media know exactly what they are doing as they proceed down their road of resistance to the normal functioning of our government.

    • >>>why else did the Democrats` leader on the Committee, Senator Feinstein. withhold the accusation of Dr. Ford from the full Committee during the regularly scheduled process IF NOT to delay a decision by the Senate in the hope of undermining Judge Kavanaugh`s appointment?<<<<

      Because Ford asked her to keep it private.

      Sorry, but the facts do not support the notion that this is a partisan attack on a Republican nominee. This was an attack on Kavanaugh the man, because of what he did. Ford didn't claim every guy on the short list tried to rape her – she only mentioned Kavanaugh. In fact she was doing the White House a favor, trying to help them avoid (further) embarrassment long before this blew up.

      She wasn't listened to. There's a lesson in that.

      • You’re so full of it, or delusional or so naive that you are truly ignorant. You get paid for that post?

  6. One question:

    Can the Republicans nominate someone who hasn’t been accused of being a serial rapist?

    Because if they can, that person might be a better choice for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land.

    And if they can’t, understood; fish rot from the head.

    • The answer is No, because the leftists will always have an accuser.

      What happened to innocent until proven guilty? The answer – Leftists, who are really fascists. You lost and you will be reminded. You have ZERO political power, and it’s about to get negative. Yeeehawww!

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