A Short And Sweet Take: Kavanaugh Hearing

The Kavanaugh hearings are concluded. What are the results?

First, the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have destroyed Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation.

Second, the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have damaged the U.S. Supreme Court.

Third, the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have upended the presumption of innocence in favor of guilt by allegation.

Fourth, the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have eviscerated the Constitution’s “Appointments Clause.” Judge Kavanaugh was right. “Advise and Consent” has been replaced by “Search and Destroy.”

Fifth, the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee transformed a confirmation hearing into a national disgrace. The Democrats have demonstrated that if they cannot win on the merits, they will do anything and everything to win. Situational ethics: the ends justify the means.

The hearing failed to provide any corroboration of Dr. Ford’s allegation. In fact, when you look at her high school yearbooks, there appears to be a lot of alcohol consumed at parties, which may explain her faulty memory.

Democrats have demonstrated just how low and dishonest they are.  They are pathetically weak. They are pathetically divisive. They are pathetically unprofessional.  They represent the moral and ethical breakdown in America.


  1. Oh, I forgot…
    35 years ago Robert Mueller groped me in an elevator.
    I don’t know where the building is,
    I don’t know how I got there,
    I don’t know what day it was or what year…exactly…
    I don’t know how I got home
    It traumatized me for life but I never mentioned it to anybody EVER…until now.
    But I’m 100% sure it was HIM!!!!!

    Really? Does this actually sound like the truth to you?

  2. Remember… allegations can be brought by anyone (Dem, Repub, other) at any time against anyone (make, female, other). This downhill slide won’t stop with Mr. Kavanaugh and similar tactics will be used against Dem candidates (and former office holders like Mr. Clinton) in the future. Why would anyone want to run for public office?

  3. The Democrat leader in the Senate, Senator Schumer promised at the beginning of the appointment process to to fil the vacancy on the Supreme Court to do anything possible to defeat President Trump`s nominee Judge Kavanaugh and the Democrats have been true to their word. This is just the latest in the Democrats` and their media partners` “resist” movement against the government of the United States for the dastardly action of America`s voters of electing President Trump. Anyone who would vote to put the Democrats (and their media partners) in charge of Congress need to have their heads examined. Before you vote, keep in mind the length the Democrats have gone to in their “resist” mode. Some Democrats have actually terrorized their own children over the fact that Trump was elected President. No child, on their own, would feel threatened and traumatized over an election. Even though the entire House of Representatives and one third of Senators were elected to office in the same elections that elected President Trump, the Democrat Representatives and Senators expect us to recognize their elections but not the President`s and that should tell you all you need to know about the double standard the Democrats wish all of us to operate under today and presumably ever after.

    • “…for the dastardly action of America`s voters of electing President Trump.” Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but let’s not throw out the facts. “America’s voters” did not elect Trump; the Electoral College elected Trump. America’s voters, 65,844,610 of them, 48.2%, voted for Clinton while 62,979,636, 46.1%, voted for Trump. My vote went to the 5.7% “other.”

      • Your ignorance of the US Constitution is blinding. Please read the 12th amendment. The US is not Greece. We are a federation of states and by far and away, the US elected President Donald J Trump, BIGLEY! Get over it, move on, you lost.

        Remember Bill Clinton with 43%?

  4. Perhaps a pronouncement of the Pulsa diNura on all left-wing Democrats, their co-conspirators, financiers such as Soros, and turn-coat RINO’s, followed by the usual impending judgement upon them that follows shortly thereafter would help.

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