Blame The Supreme Court, The Electoral College, And (Finally) Our Constitutional System Of Government

us supreme court
U.S. Supreme Court [Photo from Library of Congress]

Former Attorney General Eric Holder claimed the Senate’s confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh raises concerns about the Supreme Court’s legitimacy: “With the confirmation of Kavanaugh and the process which led to it, (and the treatment of Merrick Garland), the legitimacy of the Supreme Court can justifiably be questioned.”  How stupid, how cynical and how wrong Eric Holder is! The Supreme Court had nothing to do with Merrick Garland or Brett Kavanaugh.

The entire process resided with the United States Senate. The entire confirmation process questioned the legitimacy of the United States Senate, in general, and specifically questioned the integrity and honesty of the Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who plainly conspired to torpedo Judge Kavanaugh at any cost rather than evaluate him on the merits. The Democrat cabal engaged in situational ethics: the ends justify the means. Senate Democrats have criminalized and weaponized the “advise and consent” confirmation process for the foreseeable future.

The socialist and communist Democrats demonstrated, through their preplanned disruptions of proceeding that they actually oppose democracy. Senator Dick Durbin admitted that he and fellow socialist and communist Democrats participated in a conference call on how to disrupt the hearings. This is plainly an admission of premeditated planning of unethical and unprofessional behavior.

Drama queens Cory Booker (aka Spartacus) and Kamal Harris, potential 2020 presidential candidates, released cynical fundraising emails to coincide with their sudden opposition to the nominate of Judge Kavanaugh. Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal, who lied about serving in Vietnam, interrupted the hearing thirteen times in the first hour. The Democrats interrupted the proceedings over fifty times in the first hour. Their behavior was shockingly unprofessional, dishonest and in keeping with the low moral standards that the Democrats still failed to reach.

The protestors in and out of the hearing room were professional protestors paid by George Soros. The woman who confronted Senator Flake at the elevator, Ana Maria Arhila, leads a socialist organization funded by billionaire George Soros, which is part of the anti-Trump $80 million resistance movement.

During the hearings, three Texas doctors,  who attended the hearing, told reporter Adam Schindler they witnessed organized activist with a bag of cash paying the “rent-a-mob.”  The reporter identified the “paymaster” as Vinay Krishnan, a self described “organizer of civil disobedience who works for a Soros-funded group Center for Popular Democracy. This group is described as promoting an anti-white, anti-capitalism, anti-American agenda its calls “racial justice.” Another anti-white, anti-capitalism, anti-American group funded by Soros is Black Lives Matter.

On top of all the vitriol, rent-a-mob noise and protests, Hillary Clinton, in a television interview, claimed that “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.”  She is advocating that if Democrats can win back the House, that’s when civility can start again. Unfortunately, she was describing her own political party that has attempted to destroy Judge Kavanaugh, the Republican Party, capitalism and democracy.

The only uncivil people are the socialist and communists of the Democratic Party, whose affiliates are Black Lives Matter, Center for Popular Democracy, Media Matters,, Center for American Progress, Democratic Socialists for America, Communist Party USA, and Antifa, to name a few. In all, there are about 206 Soros funded left wing groups associated with the Democratic Party.

In addition, the Democrats are so unhinged that they are now blaming our constitutional system for their failures and unethical behavior. As Rick Lowry wrote, “You see, if only the Founders hadn’t forged the Great Compromise between large states and small states at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, giving each state equal representation in the US senate, they would have defeated Brett Kavanaugh handily. It’s only because smaller red states have two senators just like larger blue states that the judge got confirmed.” How stupid and delusional can Democrats be?

The Democratic Party has moved so far left that I see little difference in philosophy, strategy and tactics between the Democratic Party, the Democratic Socialists for America and the Communist Party USA. The Democratic Party has become anti-freedom, anti-democracy, anti-border and anti-American. It is the only political party in the United States that has normalized mob violence as a political weapon.


  1. Holder should be before a grand jury investigating “Fast & Furious”. His conduct and public statements are the antithesis of what the United States’ founding was about. He should probably be in jail.

  2. When Eric Holder says “the legitimacy of the Supreme Court can justifiably be questioned” he is just employing the Democrat Party and their media partner`s “resist” rationale, an American government not controlled by the Democrat Party is illegitimate. Get used to it folks, this is what the current political struggle in America is all about, the mainly European-leftist Democrat Party and media elites versus our constitution and those of us who support it and the rest of our traditional American values.

  3. Blame it on the democratic party. It is in shambles. They have not put together two good ideas in 30 years, so I am done with them.

    I would vote for Trump again.

  4. Eric Holder’s and Oblunder’s combined sorry sixes should be behind bars at Leavenworth for the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. If it weren’t for their clusterflub known as Fast and Furious, Agent Terry would still be with us, protecting the citizens of this state. Those two idiots need to be criminally charged, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for life, although I’d prefer they got the Death Penalty!

  5. Do people understand the way the representative government works. Giving states certain powers among them is the representation by the Senate. This insures what was to be proposed equal powers not the power city’s to control. So to be blunt to break the electoral college is to gut the Senate. Then the Senate would be new boundaries like the House. Can you imagine for every 4.35 Congress rep you will get one Senator.

    Then who would do the redistricting ? This is why the electoral college is in place in the first place to give equal representation. The first minority action taken by congress guaranteed by the bill of rights. So all of that would be gone too.

    • No they don’t understand, because that part of “education” has been eliminated from the curicula. They can hardly find out where they are in the world, much less what the UNITED STATES stands for, the why and why it’s so important to preserve and protect.

  6. They have been trying to take down our Constitution since Wilson was President. HE was the 1st globalist president. It’s truly a miracle that Trump was elected now that we are seeing exactly how corrupt and well funded the democrats are. This is certainly NO LONGER the party of Harry Truman or John Kennedy. Vote straight Republican if you want to remain a constitutional republic.

    • the democrats came to my front door about three nights ago, rang the bell, we know you are a republican and we are here to talk to you about the democratic party,… ha ha ROTFLMAOL – I just stated ; I used to be a Democrat in my younger years, I didn’t leave the party, the party left me. End of conversation and where did this list come from with my Republican name on it that they would come door to door.

  7. The democrats did not hold the majority when garland was nominated, so there was no way he was going to be confirmed. Of course facts never get in the way of democrats, evidenced by how they rewrite history days after it happens. Only idiots will believe them and vote for them.

  8. “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.” The Harlot of Mystery Babylon? Seems to fit all descriptions

  9. Certainly nothing new for Hate America Democrats to attack the US Constitution. That’s who they are, that’s what they do. They’re just not lying about it now.

  10. Well, Mr. Fast & Furious ain’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. And neither is Benghazi Hillary. NEVER FORGET!
    These insurrectionists are advocating for domestic terrorism with George Soros at the helm. He is the new Osama Bin Laden.

    • I should have added:
      Eric Holder’s been on the planet how long?
      And our Constitutional Republic has been around how long….and working pretty well without his ignorant input?
      ‘Nough said?

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