CD9 Candidate, Former Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Robbed

Former Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton in happier days. [City of Phoenix Facebook photo]

Greg Stanton, CD9 candidate and former Phoenix mayor, was robbed on Saturday night by a hatchet-wielding man, according to Phoenix Police. Stanton, who nearly gutted the Phoenix Police Department while serving as mayor, was approached by the suspect outside of a restaurant in a once safe neighborhood.

Stanton was approached by the suspect at about 8:40 p.m. while walking to his vehicle.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, officers responded to an emergency call of an armed robbery at 1221 West Camelback Road. Stanton told officers that he had exited the listed address after eating when he observed a male subject approach him. The suspect demanded money from him and tried to steer him to a nearby parking lot.


Stanton said he noticed the suspect was holding a hatchet in his hand and realized he was being robbed. Stanton threw his wallet at the suspect and fled back into the restaurant. The suspect fled north into the neighborhood and was not located.

While experts say that Stanton did exactly what he should have done when he threw the wallet at the suspect, his anti-police policies have led to increased dangers across Phoenix.

In contrast, Stanton’s CD9 opponent, Dr. Steve Ferrara, released an ad last week that has been named the “bad ass” ad of the season. Ferrara served in Operation Desert Storm and later became the Navy’s Chief Medical Officer.


  1. What was it Steve?
    Cause and effect?
    Befitting Karna?
    Political justice?
    Maybe the macho-less egg faced former mayor should have been far tougher on crime instead of being so tough on the police.
    Who knew the Thai Rama Restaurant even served crow, apparently only Steve knew it was even on the menu…

    The Oracle

  2. Breaking News!!! Greg Stanton receives poetic justice, details at 10 pm. LOL, too bad he wasn’t raped!

  3. I’ll admit it, I had to laugh a bit. Between Stanton and Phil Gordon (’04 to ’16), crime in Maryvale (huge west Phoenix suburb) spiked under their watch. Over here residents were murdered for a lot less than what Stanton’s perp demanded. He doesn’t have a clue just how lucky he is. There was a pretty damned clear impression that Stanton, Gordon, and our district council members were intent on neglecting our public safety and leaving us to the wolves. During his campaign, candidate Stanton boasted that he was the most progressive candidate running. The collateral damage in Maryvale proves just how progressive he was.

  4. This may be the only recorded time that Stanton gave up his own wallet. Now he’s no longer “hizzoner”, he can’t pick the citizen’s wallets

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