Arizonans Deserve Better Than A Senator Who Mocks Them

Kyrsten Sinema | Martha McSally

Kyrsten Sinema must be using some sort of reverse psychology on voters this fall as she campaigns for the U.S. Senate.

Last week a leaked video showed the Democrat candidate disparaging the people of Arizona to a crowd in another state a few years ago.

“Because for the past several years, people would watch what’s happening in Arizona and be like ‘Damn, those people are crazy…’ They’re just called Republicans,” she said to a laughing liberal audience.


“And I want to talk to you about some of the things that I think that you can do to stop your state from becoming Arizona… Because Arizona is the state of the five C’s. So cattle, copper, citrus, cotton, and climate. And those are the five things that our state historically made its money off of. But I would add a sixth C. It’s called crazy.”

That’s right. According to Sinema, millions of Arizonans are “crazy.”

She even took a jab at me while I was governor, saying, “My governor — she’s not much of a reader.”

Well, I have something to say to Kyrsten Sinema: you’re not much of a thinker.

Shamefully, this isn’t the first time Sinema has attacked the people of Arizona.

In another leaked video, she snarked that “Arizona is clearly the meth lab of democracy,” receiving boisterous cheers and laughs from a hysterical liberal crowd.

She’s also referred to Arizonans who don’t think the way she does as “neanderthals,” and said stay-at-home women were “leeching off their husbands or boyfriend.”

In yet another attack on Arizona, she tweeted, “Just one day, I’d like Arizona to be in the news for something good. Just one day people.”

Rather than condemning political violence, Sinema said in an email to her extreme liberal supporters that “it would be inappropriate to ask someone to not destroy property or to carry a weapon” at her protests. She has even partnered with radical anarchist groups to organize anti-military demonstrations.

Several years ago, Sinema’s radical protest group denigrated Arizona’s proud military men and women by comparing them to terrorists with flyers showing American soldiers inflicting “U.S. terror” in Iraq and the Middle East. To date, she’s never apologized or condemned these flyers.

As for illegal immigrants, however, she holds them in the highest esteem. In 2006, Sinema said illegal immigrants who die while trying to sneak into the U.S. are equal to Americans dying in war. No one wants to see deaths on our border, which is why we need strong border security.

How can we send someone to Washington who has such an inherent disrespect for Arizonans and everything we stand for?

Kyrsten Sinema has disrespected nearly every demographic in our state, but most especially, the men and women who serve in our military. She claims to be for Arizonans, but her own words say otherwise — and her voting record says even more.

As a Congresswoman she has voted with radical liberal Maxine Waters more than she has with President Trump, and she votes nearly 80 percent of the time with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

If Arizona’s decision to send President Trump to the White House in 2016 tells us anything, it’s that extreme liberals like Kyrsten Sinema aren’t the right choice for our state.

Don’t be fooled by the moderate disguise she puts on around election time. Deep down, she’s always been the same pink tutu-wearing radical who disrespects our Arizona principles.

Kyrsten Sinema thinks the people of Arizona are crazy, which must be why she thinks they would still vote for her after the scorn she has heaped on them.

The voters have a chance to prove her wrong on Election Day, and to stand up for Arizona and our men and women in uniform at the same time.


  1. Her supporters are sending unwanted text messages…. to my, unlisted, “No Call”, Cell phone.

    Message was,
    “Hey ……! It’s Lisa with AZ Dems. The big midterm election is here! Can we count on your support for Kyrsten Sinema?”
    Messages came from #928-615-5566

  2. Sinema is a disgusting liberal sell out. She simply caters to special interest groups because the main stream hared working tax paying Americans know what a piece of garbage she is. If it was up to liberal nut jobs like her the U.S. would have such open borders we would become a third world dung heap within 15 years. She has no respect for our military yet respects criminal illegals. She swings both ways in the bedroom and wants that known as she wants the gay and freako votes. She is pro drugs and basically pro degeneracy. SAY NO TO SINEMA!!!! You can’t spell Sinema without SIN!!!!

  3. > NEVER “HASTY MCSALTY!” Thank God the mayors of Phoenix, Temple, Tucson, Flagstaff, & Sedona are all Democrats! Trump only beat Hillary by NOT even a mere 4% here in Arizona in 2016. Californians are moving here in HUGE numbers, & they are bringing their Democratic votes here with them!! We will definitely flip to being a Blue State by the 2020 Election.

    • and yes that is the problem we now face. They SCREWED up their state and no want to screw ours up as well. Remember some years back oregon, washington and some of the mountain states wanted and in some cases prevented the idiots from kalif from moving in. Seems enough got thru as ore and wash are now liberal idot states and like kalif dont seem to be able to right their ship of state. Who cares that trump won by 4%, he still won did he not? He has done a lot of good but the left and their major political arm the msm WILL NOT give him credit for anything good and will only try to highlight his flaws. Where were they with bho? 8 years of regression and the left loved it.

  4. Thank you Jan for a well stated review of Ms. Sinema.

    I note her claim that she voted 60% of the time with President Trump’s position on legislation. In particular her vote on Kate’s Law. My issue is this … if elected how would she vote on that same bill now. She had every opportunity to condemn President Obama’s veto of Kate’s Law but she didn’t. Definitely not the Senator I want!!

    A Senator who works across the aisle will criticize where appropriate, including criticism of her own side when they are wrong.

  5. Hi! I fear nothing good is going to come from this.
    Even before they broke thru Mexican border from Guate, the illegal alien migrants looked happy, clean, and very well-fed, even overfed, according to the videos posted all over the web. Wearing jewelry and new clothing, shoes, and new backpacks. A thousand miles later and still not tattered a bit…it seems Mexico did not secure it’s border at all but is just helping them along. What happened to all the help money which USA sends to thier countries every year? Why does USA even give money to countries which are supposedly violating thier own people? Why doesn’t Mexico give them amnesty, since Mexico believes it to be a moral duty?
    Why do these supposedly endangered migrants bring and proudly display the flags of their countries, if they are being starved and killed by those countries? They hate USA and burn our flag, disrespect our president, but want to live here? No, something is not right about this “refugee migration”. What if the true reason is to take “native land” back, maybe illegal immigrants in USA are waiting for them and together they can try to retake Mexican border lands which they claim were stolen by the US. I read awhile back (it was also many videos on youtube) that there is a movement in Mexico and other latin-american countries to take back those lands without firing a shot
    This is not good at all. Mexico says they cannot sustain so many migrants/refugees which were allowed to cross illegally from Guatemala…but yet they will help them stay fresh and fed to get to US border. The USA cannot sustain them, either, and Mexico knows this for many years. These latin-american countries seem to be looking for a way to get rid of the “white man”, should we just ignore these “caravans” as being unfortunate poor, starving people running from danger, or are they really just invadors with a revenge (revancha) agenda, coming to increas thier numbers in USA so as to become a majority, get thier “undocumented” lawyers and reps in office, only to take jobs and benefits from US citizens and weaken the USA? There are a movement saying they have been getting ready.
    I’ve also read recently that US citizens (not only military) in Texas and New Mexico are getting ready for a standoff to protect home and families, but what if the illegal migrants attempt to pass via tribal lands, like in Pima County, Arizona? The Native Americans there are very friendly to illegal immigrant and refuse any fence/wall for hundreds of miles because they say they native land and family extends far into Mexico. I fear this “caravan” will be a big problem if they try to forced the way across US border – what if defensive force needs to be used against the so-called refugees to protect US land and citisens?

    Either way, USA is always made out to be the “bad guy”, doesn’t matter what political party makes the decisions.

  6. Many years ago I listened to then freshman state representative Kyrsten Sinema label all Republicans “Evil Creatures” while speaking to a group of mostly liberal Democrat teachers. A Republican colleague in the audience took offense and challenged Sinema’s remarks. Representative Sinema didn’t apologize and continued to insult Arizona Republicans throughout her speech. Don’t believe her when she claims that she “works across the aisle”. Her first party affiliation was with the AZ Green Party. After she lost an election as a a Green candidate, she registered as a Democrat.

    • > NEVER “HASTY MCSALTY!” Thank God the mayors of Phoenix, Temple, Tucson, Flagstaff, & Sedona are all Democrats! Trump only beat Hillary by NOT even a mere 4% here in Arizona in 2016. Californians are moving here in HUGE numbers, & they are bringing their Democratic votes here with them!! We will definitely flip to being a Blue State by the 2020 Election.

  7. With all the SPECIAL INTERESTS being shown in cinema’s non stop tv ads, it just shows how much she is already in the pocket of special interests and the people of AZ.

    I do not think personally there is one democrap any place worth electing to anything. Also there are a lots repubs who are just as bad, but again like all our elections you are voting for the lesser of 2 evils the r’s or the democraps!

  8. I’d vote for a seasoned combat A-10 Warthog pilot over a pink too-too-wearing left-wing nut case any day as my elected representative or senator! If that qualifies me as being “crazy” as Sinema has claimed, she can say that to my face. I remove rattlesnakes from my and my neighbors’ property; Sinema’s antics and insults don’t intimidate me!

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