Glassman Calls On Democrats Kennedy, Sears To Disavow Dark Money

Kiana Sears is running for a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission. As a former commission employee, Sears feels she brings experience and insight towards current issues that the other candidates lack. (Photo courtesy of Sears for Arizona)

Rodney Glassman called on Democrats Kennedy & Sears to disavow the out-of-state groups spending millions in dark money on their Corporation Commission braces.

“It was just a short while ago that both Democrats were campaigning against dark money and wealthy special interests spending millions of dollars to hand-pick the Commissioners of their choice. Suddenly, Kennedy and Sears have gone silent, as their deep-pocketed benefactors spend millions to get them elected.” said Glassman.

It is believed that the financial support is largely due to Kennedy’s and Sears’ support for California billionaire Tom Steyer’s Proposition 127, and it is reported that George Soros and Michael Bloomberg are also both involved in financially supporting the largely dark-money effort.

In his statement Glassman said, “It’s hypocritical for these two liberals to campaign against dark money while at the same time pledging their support to the same special interests paying for virtually their entire campaign message.”

Sandra Kennedy and Kiana Sears have pledged to champion Steyer’s Prop 127 initiative and have said that if it is not passed by Arizona voters at the ballot-box, they will push for the same mandates as members of the Corporation Commission. Glassman disagrees, reminding people that “The Corporation Commission was created to protect ratepayers and keep rates low… not to create mandates and tell people how to live.”

“These out-of-state billionaires are dressing up two damaged candidates who skip out on their taxes and lie on financial disclosures with millions of dark money dollars in an attempt to impose their liberal agenda on Arizona” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Lines.

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