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Beware The Rise Of The Mind Numb Liberal Mob
By James T. Harris –

Greg Gutfeld nails it on the rise of mobs of mind numb liberals. Videos of groups of protesters repeating their leaders’ instructions through chant are popping up all over Washington D.C. this week. We are also being told that this is what Democracy looks like! The Left is right, mob mentality is what a Democracy looks like, the only problem is we live in a Republic!

This idea that Democracy demands that we “get in their faces” and hound representatives in the public square, is anti-Republic and dangerous. Elections have consequences. Change comes from the ballot box not through mob violence and intimidation….

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  1. Wasn’t that just the spookiest thing to see? A bunch of brainless lemmings being programmed in their “protest”. And a group of women being taught by a man on how to protest for women’s rights. Geez!

  2. without doubt not the end of the lefts ‘in your face tactic’s’ out right battle in this civil war could occur

  3. You just can’t be shocked at the lack of
    critical thinking acumen these liberals

    These are the same people who applauded
    a man being named “Women of the Year!”
    [Bruce Jenner]

  4. If they were half as smart as they think they are they would not worry about the next election. Just bully others, protest and riot until you get what you want. How long will we tolerate this?

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