Arizona Isn’t “Crazy” — Kyrsten Sinema Is

Kyrsten Sinema | Martha McSally

Arizona isn’t “crazy” — but handing over the future of our country to Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema certainly would be.

The upcoming midterm elections are about preserving the extraordinary economic renaissance that President Trump has created with his pro-growth policies. Martha McSally is running for the Senate in Arizona to do just that, but Kyrsten Sinema is nothing more than a typical tax-and-spend liberal who disdains the very people whose votes she needs to win.

Sinema is now famous for calling Arizonans “crazy” and Arizona a “meth lab of democracy.” I’ve met plenty of Arizona voters face to face and consider many of them my friends, and I can assure Kyrsten Sinema that they are not crazy.

Like most Americans, Arizonans want to be represented by someone who cares about our country’s future as much as my father does.

In 21 months, my father’s policies have done wonders for Arizona’s economy, lifting local communities up after years of uncertainty brought on by President Obama and his anti-business, anti-worker agenda.

For well over a year, Arizona’s unemployment rate has consistently hovered below 5 percent — the lowest unemployment over a sustained period since the start of the Great Recession. Economic projections published in August predict that Arizona will gain more than 500,000 additional jobs in the next eight years, putting the state on track to add jobs at better than twice the rate of the rest of the country.

That’s really saying something, because America has been doing remarkably well since my father took office. Overall, the U.S. unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest point since the 1960s, while the country’s GDP growth rate continues to exceed expectations.

So, it’s no surprise that voters all around the country realize how much is at stake this November, and are increasingly backing Republican candidates in important races.

Complacency, however, is often the Achilles’ heel of prosperous nations. That’s precisely why we can’t afford to take this new golden age for granted.

All around the country, liberal media outlets are doing their best to suppress the Republican voter turnout, touting a so-called “blue wave” of Democrat support that will supposedly change the political landscape in Congress, and even suggesting that the White House has given up on the GOP winning the House. Fat chance!

Many of those same outlets vigorously predicted that Hillary Clinton would defeat my father by a sizable margin in the 2016 election, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll be proven wrong again unless we go out and vote for candidates like McSally who will support the President’s successful agenda.

If the Democrats do manage to take control of the House and the Senate, the results will be disastrous for our country, and for Arizona.

Instead of building on the progress that President Trump has made in his first 21 months in office, the Democrats will obstruct his economic agenda, attempting to stop his highly-effective policies and promote in their place the same Obama-era, big-government boondoggles that stifled our growth previously.

Obstructionism and political sideshows are not the way to lock in our newly rediscovered prosperity. What we need is a Congress that will keep working with my father to implement the sorts of policies that have gotten us to where we are today. The Democrats adamantly insist that they will do no such thing.

I know Martha McSally, and I’m confident that she will honorably represent the people of Arizona in the Senate while defending and building upon the success that Arizona and the country are currently enjoying.

Kyrsten Sinema may think that Arizona is “crazy,” but voters can prove her wrong by voting for Martha McSally on Election Day.

Donald Trump Jr. is the Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization.


  1. Arizonans are crazy like foxes. Junior should be focused on his legal defense for treason and conspiracy rather than weighing in on our swing-state politics.

  2. Who in the @$#% but a libtard could stand or support this anti-American pos? What got me the most about Sinematard is she never apologized for insulting Arizonans nor did she apologize for comparing American soldiers to nazi oppressors. I was in the gulf and i think she should go @$%# herself!

  3. Arizona needs to be represented by someone who actually cares about our state. Kyrsten Sinema has made it clear that she does not. Thank you Mr. Trump for supporting Martha McSally and the people of Arizona.

  4. How can rational persons in Arizona even think about voting for Sinema? That’s almost as bad as the voters in New Jersey voting for Bob “the crook” Menendez.
    Martha McSally is a proven combat pilot and a proven leader. She is the first female to fly combat missions and flew an A-10 in Iraq, I doubt that Sinema would even be able to identify what a A-10 is, let alone know who the enemies of the US are.

    • Oh, she knows, alright. She just wouldn’t send them to repel an enemy attack. They are her FRIENDS; same as ISIS and the Taliban is OBumbler’s friends.

    • Oh, she knows, alright. She just wouldn’t send them to repel an attack because she is their FRIEND; same as O’Bumbler is ISIS and the Taliban’s pal.

    • Hey Randy, the democrats are the party of the KKK. Perhaps you need to crack open your 6th grade American history book and re-read it.

  5. FACT CHECK: “Many of those same outlets vigorously predicted that Hillary Clinton would defeat my father by a sizable margin in the 2016 election, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll be proven wrong again….” Actually, Mr. Trump, she did, by over 3,000,000 votes of American people. Electoral College strategy gave your father the win.

    “…implement the sorts of policies that have gotten us to where we are today.” Which is where, exactly? The rich getting richer while the middle class remains stagnant and shrinking. Home-grown terrorists emboldened by presidential hate tweets slaughtering people, sending them bombs. Racial hatred, sexism and homophobia out again, loud and proud. Multi-millions of taxpayer dollars spent on “political sideshows” like sending troops to the border months before any “caravan” of asylum-seeking refugees could possibly arrive. Billion-dollar arms sales to nations who bomb children and murder journalists. Some “progress.”

    I vote independently, but will not vote for anyone endorsed by the Trump cartel. American democracy is too precious to lose.

    • so you supported hitlery, the one who would cost more loss of freedom than anyone else? I guess your beloved bho was someone that really cared about the people and not himself right? Guess thats why he and the klintons are all multimillionaires because they were broke as a result of being elected to the presidency and NEVER EVER made anything off of it. yeah right, I know of some sea shore property over by yuma if you are that dumb and its cheap and can be developed and you can make a fortune on it.

    • Every day I wait up and thank God, Donald Trump won the election in 2016. Unlike his predecessors, he has kept his promises to the American people. By instituting policies that make it possible for all Americans to prosper, he has given us an opportunity to Make America Great Again. Working together, Americans will make this a reality.

  6. A Trump calling other folks crazy. That’s funny!
    The Trumps are the definition of everything that is wrong with this world today.
    Lost in ego with absolutely no moral compass.

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