Ducey Buries Garcia In Early Results [UPDATED 11:32 P.M.]

On Tuesday, Governor Doug Ducey’s re-election win was not in doubt, but the margin of victory was more than anyone imagined.

“Governor Doug Ducey earned his re-election victory tonight. David Garcia tried to sell out the Grand Canyon State for membership to Bernie Sanders’ socialist club, but Arizonans weren’t buying it. Congratulations on your re-election, Governor Doug Ducey,” said Renae Eze, RNC spokesperson.


Choice Polling Place Early Ballot Provisional Ballot Maricopa  Total Percent
Ducey, Doug (REP) 62,826 318,643 61 458,085 839,615 58.11%
Garcia, David (DEM) 43,059 220,888 24 312,691 576,662 39.91%
Torres, Angel (GRN) 2,730 11,072 1 14,762 28,565 1.98%

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  1. Douchey was clearly the lessor of the two idiots seeking office, so given the sad state of competition he easily won.

    The Oracle

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