McSally, Sinema U.S. Senate Early Results [UPDATED 8:00 A.M.]

(Photos courtesy U.S. House of Representatives)

Congresswoman Martha McSally took a late lead in the U.S. Senate race, narrowly beating out Congresswoman Krysten Sinema. The race continues to be too close to call.

ChoicePolling PlaceEarly BallotProvisional BallotMaricopa TotalPercent
McSally, Martha (REP)104,083274,56554471,341850,04349.34%
Sinema, Kyrsten (DEM)92,206262,73530479,164834,13548.42%
Green, Angela (GRN)4,71814,139219,73838,5972.24%


  1. Southern Arizona needs to have a solid bloc of conservative voters. We have a group of us, but i believe better organization and reaching out to like-minded voters throughout the state will serve us well in future elections. Doing a better job of explaining issues to voters would help, something not even the best candidates do. We need it.

  2. Soros & Steyers have spent millions in this state. Soros has a stated goal of turning AZ blue. Look at NV. It used to be a solid conservative state and now a total take over by D’s. McCain took Soros’ $$ for his ” maverick foundation”. He ruined the GOP in AZ. He & his machine gave us McSally & Lea Peterson. YUCK! Kelli Ward would have kicked Sinema to the curb but the PARTY doesn’t care what we want. We’ve got to crash THE PARTY.

    • Don’t care how hot the water, a win is a win, regardless of style points – who votes for SINEMA? lost faith in my fellow Arizonans

    • while she is the lesser of 2 evils would you prefer cinema and all the out of state dollars she collected to run? This typical of the democraps run crappy candidates then complain about the other sides winner as being bad. Just to be asked are there really any good democraps to elect? Just look at the perennial one that has run 4 times and never it seems from the same district.
      This time she got mcsillys old seat and does not even live in the area she is to exploit!

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