GOP Lawsuit Argues Inequality In Senate Race Vote Counting

The Republican Party in four counties has filed lawsuits against the state’s 15 county recorders and the Secretary of State. Republican Party leaders in Maricopa, Apache, Yuma and Navajo counties filed the lawsuit Wednesday night, claiming unequal enforcement of the state’s Election Day deadline.

The lawsuit alleges that the state’s 15 county recorders don’t follow a uniform standard for allowing voters to adjust problems with their mail-in ballots, and that two counties are improperly allowing those fixes after Election Day.

The latest polling numbers released from the Secretary of State’s office show Sinema with a slight lead over Martha McSally. Currently, Sinema has 932,870 votes and McSally has 923,260.

The new totals have raised even more questions about the handling of mail-in ballots.

“A foundational principle of American democracy and our justice system is that all votes are treated equally,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Lines. “This equal protection under the law is enshrined in our Constitution. It is not fair nor just that voters in one county are treated differently under the law from other voters in Arizona. This suit seeks immediate redress of any inequality between ballots cast across Arizona. We stand behind our local county parties demand for equal treatment.”

Listen to election expert Sam Stone discuss irregularities with KFYI’s James T. Harris.

The lawsuit says Maricopa County, which includes most of metro Phoenix, and Pima County, which includes Tucson, are giving their voters an opportunity that’s unavailable to people who don’t live in the state’s two largest counties, according to Cronkite News.


  1. I can tell you this: this debacle would never have happened if Helen Purcell was still at the helm of the county recorder’s office. Instead, Adrien Fontes has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt what an incompetent (DemonRat) boob can do to aversly affect the outcome of elections. TERMINATE THIS LYING SHILL NOW!!!

  2. The courts should order a do-over election and force the vote rigging by democrats to stop. Else Arizona becomes Chicago, where they monitor how you voted on the old fashioned pull-the-lever machines where you cannot see the back of the machine (covered with curtains), then remove you from the voter lists if you voted against the machine democrats, and rough you up by off-duty police if you oppose them. Voice of experience.

  3. This has been going on for a long time, nothing new. Is the GOP only complaining now because they’re behind? All legit votes should be counted, in Arizona, in Florida, in Georgia, in the whole U.S. It’s called democracy — use it or lose it!

    OPERATING AT 7AM ON 11/6/2018????

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