Hoffman Gains Ground, Superintendent Race Too Close To Call

Republican candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction Frank Riggs barely made it out of the primary, so the fact that he is losing ground to Democrat Kathy Hoffman is not a surprise.

Still, the fact that the race is too close to call because so many ballots remain uncounted is a surprise.

Riggs had the lead until county recorders started processing and counting late mail-in ballots.

Choice Polling Place Early Ballot Provisional Ballot Maricopa  Total Percent
Hoffman, Kathy (DEM) 94,831 294,122 68 539,393 928,414 50.55%
Riggs, Frank (REP) 102,267 288,358 124 517,317 908,066 49.45%

Hoffman told Facebook followers, “As we track the remaining ballots, I am optimistic with the latest results. We look forward to the next round of results and will keep everyone updated with the progress. Thank you again for believing in my campaign.”