In 48-Hours Almost 450 Illegal Aliens Apprehended In Yuma

Cameras caught illegal aliens slipping across the border in November.

In a 48-hour, Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended over 400 illegal aliens who surrendered to them. On Tuesday and Wednesday, among those encountered were two huge groups of Central American nationals totaling 82 and 83 subjects.

Just before midnight on Tuesday, a Border Patrol camera operator observed a group of 82 illegal aliens illegally crossing into the United States by traversing over the legacy landing mat border wall east of the San Luis Port of Entry. A majority of the illegal aliens were family units from Guatemala although three were from El Salvador. The illegal aliens range in age from two to 48 years old.

Approximately four hours later, a second group of illegal aliens totaling 83 was observed digging a shallow hole underneath the same older portion of wall to gain access into the United States a short distance from where the first group entered. This old portion of wall lacks the improved concrete footer that new wall prototypes have which prevents easy digging underneath. The second group was also comprised of mostly Guatemalans with fourteen of them being from El Salvador. The group ranged in age from two to 40 years old.

By the end of the day Wednesday, Yuma Station agents had apprehended a total of 449 illegal aliens, the vast majority being family units from Central America.

Yuma Sector continues to see increasing numbers of aliens crossing illegally into its area of responsibility from countries other than Mexico where they are able to exploit the outdated infrastructure.


  1. There is not a trace of truth in Craig Hill’s diatribe above pinning all of our ills on the U.S. and its CIA. I leave you with this short history:Guatemala’s homicide rate
    to 26.1
    per 100,000 in 2017, which nonetheless
    one of the highest rates in the
    Guatemala has a long history of internal
    conflict and violence, including a

    year civil

    1996). For most of that time, the
    Guatemalan military held power and violently
    repressed and violated the human ri
    ghts of its
    especially its majority indigenous
    . Reports estimate that more than
    200,000 people were killed or disappeared
    during the conflict, with the
    tate bearing
    responsibility for 93% of human rights violations. More than 83% of t
    he victims were identified
    as Mayan.
    In 1986,
    Guatemala established a civilian democratic government,
    repression and human rights
    violations continued
    Peace accords signed in 1996 ended the
    The United States maintained close relati
    ons with most Guatemalan governments
    including the military governments,
    before, during
    and after the civil war

  2. How many of them subsequently applied for asylum? How many did not? Too bad there’s no delineation in the article. There is a difference, especially for the Guatemalans among them: The US is directly responsible for the government structure they’ve been suffering under since 1954, when the US overthrew their elected democratic government in favor of absolute rule by the same handful of uber-wealthy families who plague Guatemala today, keeping wages low and unemployment high without citizen recourse. Either we should let them enter or remove the feudalism we imposed on Guatemala which was responsible for the theft of the land from over 250,000 Guatemalans our government helped their unwanted government murder 64 years ago. When you know the history we caused which is still torturing Guatemalans to this date their plight makes us not the innocent invaded country but the perpetrators aiding and abetting their longstanding miserable situation.

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