Sinema Widening Lead Over McSally [Updated Nov. 11 6:10 P.M.]

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema’s (D) lead over Rep. Martha McSally has grown in the U.S. Senate race. New numbers in the heated battled were released Sunday evening.

Sinema currently enjoys a nearly 2 point advantage over McSally.

U.S. Senator race update:

ChoicePolling PlaceEarly BallotProvisional BallotMaricopa TotalPercent
Sinema, Kyrsten (DEM)92,887327,6111,337649,4451,071,28049.57%
McSally, Martha (REP)104,290330,811817603,0701,038,98848.08%
Green, Angela (GRN)4,73518,0769027,85650,7572.35%

Over 200K ballots are left to be counted, with the majority coming Maricopa County.

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U.S. Senator race processed vote totals by county –

COUNTYPRECINCTS REPORTINGGreen, Angela (GRN)McSally, Martha (REP)Sinema, Kyrsten (DEM)TOTAL
La Paz100.00%1662,9051,4554,526
Santa Cruz100.00%4173,8279,23913,483

Article updated Nov. 11


  1. If Maricopa county votes way more democrat than ever, only in early ballots being hand verified, while the rest of the state votes McSally, I say: VOTE FRAUD FONTES !!!

  2. In the words of Slim Pickens, in the movie, Blazing Saddles, “I AM depressed.” I knew some folks are just beyond stupid, but to vote for someone who makes fun of their own state. I suppose in retrospect, some voters really are that stupid. Comedian, Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid”. I suppose his adage has been proven; just like in N.Y. where they voted in a 29-year-old socialist who is dumber than a box of rocks.
    Teach them how to fish and they’ll never go hungry. Promise them free stuff that you’ll never be able to deliver and they’ll vote Democrat every time.

  3. How ironic! If pink tutu woman is elected to be the next senator from AZ, it will prove she was right about the people of the state.

  4. So if there is in excess of 211,000 votes left uncounted, McSally still has a chance. Remember the football game where Aaron Rogers threw a Hail Mary pass with four seconds left in the game and the Packers won, well maybe just maybe we have a Hail Mary pass left in those uncounted ballots. Maricopa County, which is predominately Republican (162,000 ballots to count)and Pima County, the Democratic stronghold (36,300 ballots to count) Remember it’s not over till it’s over, or the fat lady sings, or should I say the fighter pilot lady sings. We can only hope.

  5. I think voting results should be sent to the Sec. of State and when ALL counts are in, release the results. NO number should be released till it’s final. That would keep the “oh look, we found more ballots” from occurring.

  6. here is a comment I just read in an email that is so appropo:

    “Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids.”

    Well this is the same thing only it will have more devastating results for the state and the country. Too many WHITE liberals failing to take any blame or taking too much blame for their ancestors and not enough thought for the country they live in. Also IMO too many wanting everything for FREE and that is what the dems PROMISE but just seem to NEVER DELIVER!

    • Over 900 people have been killed in mass shootings in the last 9 years, more than 300 this year alone. 97% of the shootings over the past three decades were by men, 79% of whom were white. The gun buy-back has helped in other places. It might not be the best answer, or the only answer, but what is your solution? I do wish that ADI commenters were more solution-oriented; there’s enough bitching and moaning coming from the White House. I don’t have an answer, but if people of good will are willing to talk and reason with each other, maybe we can come up with something that we all can live with.

      • Gun buy back programs have never worked anywhere even Australia. Criminals do not turn in their firearms just law abiding citizens.

      • Albert, your comments are off topic, but I’ll throw my 2 cents in. I served this state for 25 years as a law enforcement officer, and I’ve worked a lot on the AZ border with Mexico. Gun buyback programs are an ineffective waste of taxpayer money, and have been shown to not reduce crime. Criminals do not participate in buybacks, they like their guns and use them for their chosen vocation If you banned all firearms in the United States tomorrow, weapons would flood across our border, as most weapons are not made in the US.

      • Only someone totally ignorant of firearms and simply full of fear would imply gun buyback works anywhere. Back up your claim or continue to look the ignorant fool.

  7. Well, well, AZ, you replaced one embarrassment with another one. How does it feel? Stupid is as stupid does and since I mentioned stupid, how about the Mclame wing of the Republican party in AZ just getting their asses kicked. That is what the Republican party in AZ has become, Mclame’s playground and it has to stop. Now you get six years of a progressive…. and an idiot progressive at that.

    • I’ll take it one step forward of this and perhaps ensues the ‘last six’ of this nation.. if this is what the left wants – God Help and Bless this nation for it has turned the corner

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