Flake Digs His Grave: Sunday’s Comic

From Seeing Red AZ

Narcissist Jeff Flake continues to scam Republicans

Though nearly out the senate door due to embarrassing 18% approval ratings in his home state —- precluding even an arrogant egotist like the aptly named Flake from seeking reelection —- he nevertheless continues to act like a petulant child. By Spring of 2017, he was unable to garner enough supporters to fill a small room.

Lame duck Flake’s overriding obsession is hatred-driven. And the object of this scurrilous intensity is President Donald Trump, who is keeping his promises to the American people. Unable to acknowledge the numerous accomplishments of the man he predicted would never be elected, Flake throws tantrums and engages in reckless, destructive actions.

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  1. At least we know Pink Tutu is a socialist flake. Jeffy liked keeping people guessing and begging. Get him out of this state.

  2. And now Arizona has to endure six years with the ultra-left socialist, who believes Arizonans are crazy.

  3. He is not digging his own grave, he has already dug it. Stupid is as stupid does and I have never seen a more stupid politician. But that was really what Little Johnnie wanted wasn’t it. A sock puppet, and he got one and the voters got nothing. Thanks Johnnie.

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