Elections For Dummies: Sunday’s Comic

Fraud occuring at the GOP District level
Posted by Arizona Freedom Alliance

We once hoped that all of the fraud in elections would be happening by the democrats. Hope fades when we get reports of what is happening in so many of our GOP Precinct Committeemen (PCs) legislative districts. For you who don’t understand the way this works, the state is divided into legislative districts for the purpose of electing officials to represent the district on behalf of the voters. Included in that is elections for GOP and DNC party officers within the district plus State Committeemen who will go to the annual GOP/DNC State Meetings to elect those who will run the GOP/DNC in Arizona. For the GOP, this is an important election as we have reported on many times before. McCain purged precinct committeemen out of many districts because they were too conservative. He needed his own people in those positions to be sure they elected only his people to run the party in Arizona and that is what has happened for way too long. We saw the results of that in clear view this election when the AZGOP did nothing to help Republicans get elected in state races…. except for Gov. Duecy…..

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Fraud occuring at the GOP District level — click here


  1. Great article! I want to buy some of those rhino ties and send them to a few people in the Republican party as gifts along with the infamous AZ scandal book “What’s in it for me.” I can think of many deserving individuals here in AZ.

  2. didnt know there was a republican party in AZ! Up in east LA they supposedly run rampant but with the news from that area they are nothing more then democraps in disguise. Latest example is from north side LA, with the $32 tax on vehicles conveniently called a fee, but like for obamacare just another tax. Need to get something going to get this repealed and douchey better not have endorsed. Just think at $32/vehicle and 2 million vehicles that will turn out to be $64 million/year that will be unaccounted for by the politicians. They are already playing games with it by saying its for safety, then road repairs etc. No this scam of tax $$ needs to be put to rest and fast.

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