Border Patrol Near Ajo Encounter Large Groups Of Central Americans

Agents apprehended a group of 80 near Lukeville, Arizona

Several large groups of Central Americans, totaling more than 240 people, were encountered by Border Patrol Agents stationed near Ajo in the last 48 hours.

On Sunday evening, Border Patrol agents encountered a group of illegal aliens consisting of 80 men,women and children after the group illegally entered the country west of the Lukeville Port of Entry. The group consisted largely of Guatemalan nationals.

Ajo agents also encountered two other large groups, one consisting of 113 and another with 49 family unit members from Central America overnight.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, “all persons within the groups were found to be in good health and were transported to the Ajo Border Patrol Station for processing.”


  1. The headline should have read:
    “Border Patrol Near Ajo Encounter Large Groups Future Social Services Dependent Democrats”.
    Just another reason Nancy and Chuck will continue to violate thier oaths of office at every opportunity, resist Trump and piss away the American dream in favor of globalism.
    Because lifting up the rest of the world is an unrealistic goal, the looney left is unashamed in its publicly displayed goal of pulling Amerika down to even the playing field.
    Because being a winner is so unfair to the losers..

    The Oracle

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