Self-Employed Hitting Coach Arrested For Molestation Of Minors By MCSO

MCSO arrests softball/baseball coach for sex crimes against minors – seeks additional victims

Jack “Buck” Thomas, a self-employed softball/baseball hitting coach, was arrested on January 4, 2019, by detectives with the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office (MCSO) Special Victims Unit
and THE West Sacramento Police Department.

Detectives served a search warrant at 8926 N. 172nd Drive in Waddell, AZ and arrested the 42-year-old Thomas for an outstanding felony arrest warrant out of the State of California for multiple crimes of a sexual nature against children under the age of 18.

According to MCSO, the investigation into Thomas originated in the Sacramento area after several victims reported having been inappropriately touched. During the investigation, detectives with the West Sacramento Police Department learned that Thomas operated his own
business as a baseball/softball hitting coach. It was during private hitting instruction that Thomas had access to the victims.

According to West Sacramento Police Department (WSPD), at least one victim was sexually assaulted within the jurisdiction of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office after she travelled to Arizona for training.

MCSO and WSPD are continuing the investigation into the crimes, and detectives believe there
may be additional victims within Maricopa County. Anyone with further information should
contact the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Special Victim’s Unit by calling, 602 876-1011.

Thomas was booked into the 4th Ave Jail for the following charges committed in California; (1) count of Lewd and Lascivious conduct, (1) count of Sexual Penetration with force, (2) counts of Oral Copulation, (4) counts Sexual Battery and (3) counts Burglary. His extradition to California is pending.

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  1. So “ Bryce H.” ,
    Care to make an actual verifiable public statement? Are you saying that you always knew he was a derilect and looked the other way?! Funny how his MLB “friends” are so silent.

  2. This is a wake up call for the ignorant. Be proactive! Engage with the strangers, friends, and parents you and/or your children associate with.

    Use Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Megan’s Law, etc. and gather information. Ask for references (especially for a private business service like baby/child sitter, “tax guy”, housekeeper, lawn maintenance, etc.).

    Peace & Love,

  3. Yolo County Jail Woodland CA to answer to the charges mentioned above. There should be more charges in Arizona that he will have to answer to next (at least)Should never be able to walk the streets again.

  4. anyone know what happened in court today? is he still rotting in jail here or is he getting extrudited?have anymore victims be found?

    • He waive extradition yesterday. The us marshal will be transporting him to Cali. I believe more victims have surfaced

      • Anyone know where in Cali he is being extradited to? Hopefully somewhere that he will stay for the rest of his life!

  5. He was supposed to appear in court here in Arizona today, does anyone know what happened? Please share any information!

  6. Buck has always been a scammer, liar, and creepy individual. The word of what Buck is accused of is now spreading around the Whittier, CA area. I hope the Whittier Daily News will put a story out and see if any victims will come forward from his past. Watching the news clip of him standing with MLB players and his social media account of him hugging prominent COLLEGE baseball coaches troubles me. I would like to ask those individuals, how did they not know? Does anyone in the world not use google? Buck Thomas has been involved with serious crimes in the past. And, just look at his appearance, his face, missing teethe, sudden weight loss, drug use? Hard to believe anyone would give that guy a dime, or let a precious child be alone with him. Creepy Buck Thomas. I feel so bad for the victims, sexual abuse is a serious crime and I hope the justice system will do to him what he did to others!

    • Lancers- I think it’s really interesting how quick people are to judge the victims, with what was done to these kids you should be ashamed at yourself for blaming anyone but Buck Thomas himself as he is the pedifile and sociopath and law enforcement and our justice system who released him back on to the street in 2001 after kidnapping and raping a minor with a mistomeaner; show me where you find that on google or any back ground check the general public has access too. These charges have nothing to getting money he took and yes you can find some old shit about that on google. He is being charged and accused of sex crimes against kids, raping kids! He and his wife seem quite trustworthy in public and in person. It is sick and people like you place blame on others:parents, kids when you are the very reason why people don’t come forward. Please the blame where it belongs on the criminal, the failed justic system and people like you who still blame victims and their families.

      • Didn’t get that from Lancers’ post at all. No blame on the victims. They were just asking how it was allowed to happen. It’s not just the justice system either. It’s people like you, “Pissed”, that want to pass along the responsibility.

        • Wow blaming victims parents! What an ass. I am sure these parents and victims feel bad enough without people calling them name and saying they are responsible.

        • “Hard to believe anyone would give that guy a dime, or let a precious child be alone with him.“ looks like blame to me

      • Did you not read my post correctly? I don’t support Creepy Buck you moron! He associated himself with high profile people by manipulating his way into their inner circle and using their fame to get paid. He knows nothing about baseball, he never even played do your homework! Sounds like he even fooled you! His name in the google search has so many hits, felony this and that from California to Nevada to Colorado to Arizona. Look at his ghetto tattoos, his meth face, his missing teeth! Really! He is a pervert and has always been one. Creepy Buck…… Social media has high profile baseball coaches and players taking pics with him, paying him for camps, and allowing him to speak at their facilities. Maybe if people like you weren’t so caught up in your child’s baseball success you wouldn’t pay a predator like Buck for a lesson. Sometimes you should trust your instincts! Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, ….. I think you know the rest! It’s sad knowing real victims are out there and I hope justice is served to creepy Buck for what he did. Money can always be replaced, a child can’t!

        • My child is a victim. And I am not a moron I am very educated and truly believed that I was helping my child with her dream not mine.
          I was a sold a lie and fooled and blame myself everyday. I just don’t think people like you should go around placing blame on parents or victims for trusting, being fooled by a sociopath or making the biggest mistake of their lives. If you could step back for a quick second and have a bit of sensitivity. No past sex crimes are not on google and I did do a background check. These is there any public access to his previous sex crimes thus I do believe the justice system failed by putting a sex predator on the streets again and yes I failed by trusting. You don’t know the whole story or the truth or anything about being a parent to a child who was raped. I just asked that you be careful and sensitive for the victims and their families especially those still terrified to come forward as someone might call them a moron or put them down for not seeing the signs. I do hope you feel proud to have stoop led so low and call a victims parent a moron you should be very proud you have it all figured out maybe if you would have spoken up or advocated for these facts you knew you could have helped prevent some of the victims!

  7. I can say that yes the loss of money sucks…and I can say that he is not even a bad hitting coach to a good extent he knows the game well…I can also say for a fact that he is a scammer and conartist and a drug abuser and a pedophile who enjoys having sex with minors-kids of baring ages in addition to other sexual activities….he has NO MONEY if anyone is able to get a dime from him it should go directly to the minors that he raped and assaulted in hopes that will help them on their paths to recovery, college or a future where Jack “Buck” Thomas is in jail for the rest of his life paying everyday for what he took from the poor victims and their families.

    • Doubt they will say a word! Maybe the investigators need to talk to them. Or reporters? Will Middlebrooks, Shane Victarino, Bryce Harper, Kevin Gausman, Kris Bryant…

  8. has he been accused by boys too ? does anyone know? anyone who has kids who have beeen in contact with buck should be talking to their kids!!!! also, i think anyone who lost money to him and has proof should contact the listed authorities, they may want to open an additional investigation.
    seth-sorry you have to learn a life lesson in this way. there are bad people in this world who are great actors and scammers . you got to see one up close. i’m glad you, your family and no one you personally know were hurt physically or financially by this monster.

  9. God is almighty and see all nothing is ever hidden from our Lord,so much money was taken from mothers that have sacrifice to support, there son as I did with my son and all the other kids you put up on gofundme page everything that was said Colorado came to light in Arizona and California the world knows now Buck has been exposed for the pig his is and will forver be expose. He looked pitiful I pray for what was done to my son and all the fucking money I paid and you guys just kept getting more greedy and greedy, threaten if the money doesn’t come up my son will have to sit it out. Until look at what the pigs been up to sexually abusing young boys and girls, you fucking low life And looks who’s been covering for him. God is so good and you better believe it I hope Buck Thomas pays for all his done and the way he separated friendships and rob people now I know all the skeletons on the front door step were all his. You will pay these kids will get justice.

  10. Buck did so much for me. Everyone is so quick to hate. This guy was legit and helped me and my family out a ton. He never took money from me. Offered me a place to stay, everything. I am in shock about this whole thing.

    • Sorry Seth, you are also a male. I know who you are, you lived with Buck. You can feel sorry for Ace and Bird but not him or his wife. She knew all along he was a creep. His life was a lie, I’m sorry you are blind to it but one day you will learn. That is not Will Middlebrooks above either, Will is pissed and saddened by what has happened to the victims. I know there is many more females out there who haven’t came forward. Please don’t be afraid of this creep. Be heard!!! Be strong!!! Buck “The Hitting Guy” Thomas will Die in jail…

      • his wife knew he was enough of a creep that she’s filing for separation and leaving town! so much for “standing by her man@! ace will grow to bee a better man with buck out of his like.

        don’t forget about his 5 other kids he takes no financial responsibility for, and is dodging the law on paying child support on 3 of them.

    • I can attest that Buck is a child rapist. This is not “hate” this is true devastation that yes we trusted him and yes he does for others but he also uses others and there is a minimum of 10 victims so far all minors that he had sex with or assaulted in some way.

  11. This is probably evidence of a deep rooted, long standing pattern of abuse by “Buck”. Hopefully, this is where it ends. But, where did it begin and how many victims are out there?

    • Buck was a creep in junior high, high school, and obviously well into adulthood. This is who he is. He didn’t just flip some switch and decide to be a creep. This is who he has been for nearly his whole life. This is who he was growing up in Whittier and it’s who he’s been at every other stop along the way, Victorville, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Colorado, and now Arizona.


  13. Sorry sap was convicted around 2001 for unlawful sex with minor in san Bernardino county calif,pleaded no contest did 45 days bounced check to pay restitution and was able to work with kids until this. Something wrong here.

  14. I don’t understand how this animal was able to work with children while he a prior conviction of unlawful sex with a minor in hesperia ca in 2001

  15. Unfortunately, this comes at no surprise. He is a predator, abuser, and manipulator. My daughter saw him for hitting lessons. He would “stretch” her arm and hip and though he never crossed the line, it always felt like he was just on the edge of being inappropriate. I remember him looking at me and saying something like ‘you really have to get right in there’ when he was stretching her hip. In addition, he stole thousands of dollars from us. We payed travel team dues and a team was never formed. We payed for private hitting lessons my daughter never took. He did nothing to assist with college recruitment.
    He has a way of making parents, players, and anyone that he is around believe that he is the best and that you are just dumb if you question him.
    I am sure he is sitting in his jail cell blaming everyone for having it out for him because he is so good at what he does.

    My heart breaks for his victims.

  16. Upon finding of guilt, we need to remove his genitals with a hammer, then execute him the following day at sundown.

  17. FINALLY! Deadbeat dad, conartist, fraud, stealing parents money, tax evasion, check fraud… but THIS?! This sorry excuse of a human deserves all that is coming to him. Praying for of the the children he has hurt. Families please come forward and help put this monster away for many years.

  18. My heart breaks for the families impacted but having first hand contact with Buck this unfortunately comes as no surprise. Buck is the very definition of one who preys upon people and their kids.

    He stole money from me and those I know well. He has no conscience and is void of a moral compass. His continued theft through Colorado, Nevada, California and Arizona is the tip of the ice berg.

    My prayers for those kids and families so deeply affected.

    • Stretching is how he moves in on his victims. I would strongly advise that you have a conversation with your daughter to make sure that is all of that happened. I would also inform the authorities about this situation as it may give input and information about the location of other victims or possible victims. Everything that can be done to make sure he can not do this again is so important.

  19. Many more will speak out! Guy is a creep, chased out of Colorado, Vegas, Sacramento and now AZ. He’s going down for fraud and tax evasion as well. He robbed so many families of thousands of dollars. My bet, at least 20 more kids will pop up. I feel so sorry for these kids. God bless them with strength to get thru this.

    • Wow way to stand with the family you are a piece of shit and you suck ass at baseball I really hope that this is not you

      • i think the piece of SHIT is sitting in jail with a million dollar CASH ONLY bail with many more victims coming forward already

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