How Cool Is This? County Libraries To Offer Wi-Fi Hotspot Lending Program

Cochise County residents in two rural areas will have improved Wi-Fi access, due to the award of state funding.

The Library Services and Technology grant from the Arizona State Library will allow the Cochise County Library District to lend Wi-Fi hotspots to patrons of two of its facilities.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the grant at the Library District Board meeting on January 8.

Visitors to the Sunsites and Elfrida libraries will now have the ability to checkout a Wi-Fi hotspot, along with their books. The grant provides $6,000 and runs until September 30.

“Three municipal libraries in Cochise County – Bisbee, Douglas and Huachuca City –successfully implemented this service in 2018,” said administrative manager Jennifer Davis. “And providing internet access for rural residents supports the strategic priorities identified by the Board of Supervisors.”

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  1. Huachuca City Public Library is an astonishingly excellent such institution, doubly so for operating in such a dinky little town.
    Our “city” has about 1,800 people, though the town council has announced the aggressive plan to annex some adjoining blocks.
    We just lost our marvelous transit system, so many people in this Whetstone-Huachuca City area will no longer be able to get to work or to medical services or to shop in our metropolis of Sierra Vista.
    But our library continues to improve.
    Its very facility is a wonder, and its staff is one of the best I have encountered anywhere in these United States.
    Yes, I often sound like a chamber of commerce for Cochise County, and I will continue to do so: Truly, I do love this area.
    But all my bragging about the Huachuca City Public Library is based on fact.
    Come visit. Learn I’m correct.

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