Bezos And The Bozos In Media Who Spin Adultery As Dating

This Bezos story infuriates me and is so bad for society.

Bezos isn’t dating Lauren Sanchez, as the media likes to report; he’s having an affair!

The guy is married and announcing plans to divorce doesn’t give him license to sleep with another woman. It’s disgusting. It’s a betrayal to the woman he promised to cherish. It’s a pathetic example to his children. And as a public person he’s failing all of us as a role model of what it means to be a decent man.

This kind of behavior, and the way many media outlets covers it, gives every man and woman who’s having marriage problems license to numb their sorrow with the dopamine of a new relationship and move on from their family instead of the doing the hard work of healing.

Instead of putting out publicity statements to try to spin his moral collapse, Bezos should retreat from public life and suffer humiliation for his failures privately until he can rediscover his moral compass and start behaving like a public figure.

And by the way, does anyone actually believe that his relationship with Lauren Sanchez FOLLOWED the collapse of his marriage? It certainly seems to me that it was at least one of the catalysts.

Donald Trump Jr., in cohorts with the media, spun his affair with Kimberly Guilfoyle and the deterioration of his marriage similarly.

Although most of us aren’t as powerful as Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump Jr., or the collective media, we should all do whatever we can to not let this narrative be told over and over again.

We read about Bezos and Trump, but there are millions of families dividing because regular men and woman follow their lead and think it’s ok to cheat on their spouse, betray the most basic rule of intimate relationships, and then justify their behavior with God knows what kind of sick narrative.

This is not OK. This is not normal. And I’m not going to let Bezos, Trump Jr., or the media convince me otherwise. And neither should you.

Mort Fertel is an authority on the psychology of relationships. He is the creator of Marriage Fitness, a relationship renewal system.


  1. you make the contract – abide by it – when it’s done and done – move on with life. There’s nothing complex about this. It does happen – there are means of ending the contract – those personal decisions of when to do what is the choices of one’s character – I don’t live his or her life – it doesn’t seem to look to good – will he treat other contracts in like manner in his public dealings seems to be ‘the question’ when this aspect of his decision making are peeked at… proceed without repute you know – proceed with question – there always will be.

  2. Women have enough rights in this country; I’m a woman and I’m equal. This march is a bogus demonstration to undermine Trump – be honest about that. The people orchestrating the march are bigots and counter-revolutionary terrorists. How can any American follow a person like Linda Sarsour (sic)?

  3. I agree with Mr. Fertel that describing an affair as “dating” confers an unwarranted degree of respectability on it. What bothers me just as much, though, is the degree of dignity conferred by calling something even an “affair” when the reality of a given situation is much more sordid than conveyed by that term — a term that implies a relationship that develops over time. A prime example: All the news coverage inevitably refers to Donald Trump’s “affair” with Stormy Daniels. Trump didn’t have an affair with her, he had SEX with her, (im)pure and simple!

  4. Men and women alike should be outraged over this type of behavior. It is, unfortunately, all throughout our society. Must we live every facet of our lives in the gutter ??

  5. We’ve already seen the news that he and his wife are divorcing. When I first saw the headline that he was dating someone, my knee jerk reaction was that he is such a dirtbag. He is not being faithful to the woman he has been married to for 25 years, and the woman that helped him build his business. His success is her success, yet he is “dating” someone else.

    As I thought about the situation, I reminded myself that we don’t have the whole story. We don’t know the dynamic of their marriage. We don’t know if they’ve been struggling and trying to fix things, or for how long. We can’t see his heart and mind. We can empathize but we can never understand what is going on in their minds. I do agree that he shouldn’t be dating someone while still married, but none of us are perfect. People from all walks of life face this same challenge. Everyone of us has to make our own decision when in the same, or similar situations. As outsiders, we shouldn’t be too hasty to judge.

    • A couple of thoughts I failed to include in my initial post are that I do agree that a retreat from public life during this time would be prudent. I also dislike the spin on the fact that he is having a relationship outside of his marriage, and that there isn’t more pushback against it. It is like the concept of being faithful to our oaths is becoming more and more meaningless.

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