Mom With 3 Kids At Home Arrested For Dealing Heroin

Jairo Chavez-Rodriguez and Johanora Gonzalez, mother of three young children, were arrested at a Cottonwood area service station for Possession of Dangerous Drugs for Sale (meth) and Possession of Narcotic Drugs for Sale.

The duo was dealing heroin with two children age 6 and one child age 9, in their home.

Weeks before the arrest, according to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Partner’s Against Narcotics Trafficking Task Force (PANT) detectives had developed information regarding drug sales involving Chavez-Rodriguez in the Cottonwood area. Detectives were able to confirm several sales of meth and heroin during the follow-up investigation which lead to his arrest on December 19, 2018.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for their home in the 200 block of S 14th Street, in Cottonwood. When the warrant was served late in the evening on December 19, 2018, Gonzalez, and three young children, two age 6 and one age 9, were detained.

During a search of the home, more than one pound of heroin and over half a pound of meth was found in the master bedroom. Numerous small baggies of prepackaged meth and heroin were also seized in various weights ready for sales.
Scales to weigh drugs were found along with a ledger documenting who has paid and who owes regarding those sales.

Detectives also found 2 firearms along with cash likely obtained during drug transactions. The suspect had also set up a video surveillance system to monitor the exterior of the home.

Detectives found numerous pieces of foil with heroin residue and heroin throughout the house on the floor accessible to the 3 children. A meth bong was found on a coffee table and a meth pipe in a bathroom, both items within easy reach of the children, according to authorities.

Along with the arrest charges earlier in the evening, Chavez-Rodriquez was also charged with one count of Possession of Dangerous drugs for Sale (methamphetamine), one count of Possession of a Narcotic drug for Sale (heroin), Possession of a firearm during a drug offense, one count of Fortification of a building, 3 counts of Endangerment, and 3 counts of child abuse. He is being held without bond.

Johanora Gonzalez has been released on a $15,000 bond.

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