Huckelberry’s House Of Cards Falls, Forcing Pima County Layoffs

As expected, 36 Pima County Department of Transportation employees received pink slips this week. While news of the layoffs was staggering to those employees directly affected, it could have been prevented, according to Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller.

Last year, Miller warned that layoffs would likely occur “due to mismanagement by Pima County’s administration.” On Thursday, Miller noted in a press release that the “current status of Pima County’s finances,” which forced the layoffs, was “predictable and wholly avoidable.”

Miller has urged County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry to take steps to avoid layoffs. Miller went so far as to offer plans to trim nonessential programs and expenses in her Alternative Budget Proposal. Miller says she had “hoped common sense solutions would be considered by her fellow supervisors and County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry.”

“Rather than consider humane and common-sense alternatives, the majority of Board members and Mr. Huckelberry sought bond approvals from weary and cash strapped Pima County residents,” stated Miller. “Despite the fact that the residents cannot and will not support incurring more debt, County leaders spent hard-earned tax dollars promoting efforts to raise taxes.”

Huckelberry’s House of Cards began to collapse before voters soundly rejected a bond package in the November 2018 General Election. Insiders advise that Huckelberry had hoped to cover his out-of-control spending with the 2018 voter-approved bond funds. When the voters denied his scheme Huckelberry pivoted and called on the Board to approve a speculative investment scheme in Kino Sports Park. The scheme was approved by the Board while knowing that layoffs were planned.

“It is extremely unfortunate the problem of excess headcount in the Pima County department of transportation wasn’t addressed long before it became necessary to take action that results in disruptive employee layoffs,” stated Supervisor Miller. “I have proposed reducing the headcount in the department of transportation for years because the majority of the pavement preservation work was outsourced. The department of transportation budget had grown to $43 million for salaries and overhead. It makes no sense to have grown the department to the point that HURF/VLT monies meant to be used for road repairs were simply funding the department salaries and overhead.”

“I submitted a plan last year to accomplish this same result through attrition vs hiring more employees as retirements occurred. I proposed a hiring freeze as well as moving employees to other jobs as retirements occurred. Had this plan been implemented funds could have been reallocated or employees relocated to other departments without the need for layoffs. This lack of planning coupled with the continual nonessential spending has caused the need for employee layoffs.”

“I am deeply saddened for the employees whose lives have been devastated and I only wish this could have been done differently,” concluded Supervisor Miller.

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  1. wonder if the laid off employee’s are wondering if they would have their jobs if the ‘curve of the earth balloon ride were not built’ how many millions and counting…. how many rides and contracts? One bucket of chicken and KABOOOOM!!!

  2. Chuck needs to cut 50% of his staffers. Then eliminate the 10 PR staffers he has to spin lies to make him amd the criminals om board appear like they are justified in making continued wrongful decisions.

    The best decision for all Pima County residents is to FIRE, Chuck and investgate
    him for fraudulent schemes

    • richard he would have been but you and your fellow democraps only vote party line and as a result we get what we got! Too bad you guys cant think for yourselves and beleive that the democraps actually are working for you and not themselves.

      Yes we had a couple of opportunities but you guys just cant resist the d on the ballot.

  3. Time for new leadership. Everyone at the top needs to go. To much wasteful spending for to long. Laying off low salary people to save pennies. It’s not the workers who are the problem.

  4. Huckleberry and his enablers are a disgrace. His highest salary in the nation is an indicator, along with his spending over the years on ventures best left to the private sector. Fire him now and get the county a responsible Administrator. Pleasee!

  5. Wonder how those 800,000 federal workers feel about their layoffs, or worse, being forced to work for nothing, while the President continues his stupid shutdown? One federal employee I know is laid off, has no income, and the same agency that laid him off is now evicting from his federally-owned dwelling for non-payment of rent! Huckelberry and Trump are of the same ilk — willing to gamble with other people’s money, and with their lives. Shame on both of them.
    MASA! Make America Sane Again!

    • A shutdown to force Congress to do its job and provide funds for a border barrier to secure the border against illegal immigration is not “stupid,” it is the status quo that results in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to remain in the U S after they come here illegally and which is favored by the open border crowd that is wrong. The President has asked for a paltry $5.7 billion to fund the barrier and minimize the influx of even more illegal immigrants while we are spending tens of billions of dollars a year at the Federal, State and local government level to feed, clothe, house, provide health care, educate and protect illegals already in the country thanks to Congress’s failure to secure the border in the past.

      • “The President proposes and the Congress disposes.” That’s the way it’s worked (or not, depending on where one stood on an issue)for over 200 years. The President is one person, and this one was elected by the Electoral College and lost by several million in the popular vote; do not take that as any endorsement of his major opponent — the Democrat leadership is as enmeshed with crony capitalism as the Republican. I still want to know what Clinton told Goldman-Sachs for %750,000.

        Congress is elected by us, representing us and all our varied and conflicting interests. The President proposes and Congress negotiates until it has passable legislation, or not. The GOP Senate leaderships refusal to take up House-passed bills to reopen the government and get people back to work and paid is inexcusable. If they don’t like the bill, they can vote No. The U.S. Constitution created three co-equal branches of government; it did not empower the President to be King — that’s what the American Revolution was all about.

        This issue — holding innocent workers hostage and cutting off vital government functions that jeopardize the health and safety of all of us — is not about The Wall. It’s about unconstitutional power-grabbing, rule by Executive Order and government paralysis and phony “national emergency.” It’s against the law for federal workers to go on strike — why are we letting the number one federal official, Trump, declare a lockout of innocent bystanders who just want to do their jobs, pay their rent and feed their families? We’ve had criminals in the White House before, and it’s time to send this one to oblivion as we did Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon. And as we should have with Lyndon Johnson, just so you know I’m not being partisan.

        MASA! Make America Sane Again!!

        • Then explain why it MUST be the Democrat party way or no way at all?

          The DEMOCRAT PARTY is holding all of the Federal workers HOSTAGE, not Trump.

        • @Albert, forever stuck on stupid over the electoral collage vote? Why for your numerous decades on planet earth have you sat on your hands instead of overturning the process? Perhaps the time to piss and moan over the electoral collage was before the Trump victory.
          You cry like a spoiled bratty princess over its outcome yet the process performed as designed.
          Seriously Albert find a live horse to whip for once.

          The Oracle

        • I still want to know what Clinton told Goldman-Sachs for %750,000… I still want to know what Clinton had to say on Tarmac – Grey Poupon? How about stay out of the way or this plane you in crashes with you in it? Now there’s a Clinton Chronicle ‘threat’ from the King is it not?

          BTW – the Electoral College was created in its great forethought of our founders to stop the ‘city population centers’ from taking over the rest of the nation… it worked exactly as it was designed and intended! Thank God! Tell me how this ‘function’ of the EC is some ‘Trumped up lie’ and ‘the Russians’ made the EC? Or is that another part of the constitution that just doesn’t matter any more – just a piece of paper and the bible a fairy tale?

    • Once again Albert is showing us classic liberal “I can’t see the facts that are right in front of my eyes” mental disorder. Every Federal worker that is working is still earning all of the benefits of the job; that includes a paycheck, health insurance, sick and vacation time, and so forth. Those that were furloughed, have all of the same benefits as those working with the added bonus of not having to show up to work to collect them.

      • and when this ends.. and it will – they will all be paid in FULL for this hardship forced vacation – those that are of the grasshopper ilk will fare a bit worse than the ants

    • Anyone who doesn’t put together an emergency fund to support themselves and family for at least 3-6 months is a fool. Low pay? No excuse; put something aside. Stop wasting your money on latest electronic whizbangs and other crap and look out for yourself. No sympathy for the feds who get a steady check every 2 weeks yet can’t manage their money and start crying the first week into a shutdown. I know a lot of feds who get paid well and still whine. Cry me a tubfull.

    • I hope PDJT stands strong to protect ALL citizens – even Albert. How about all the citizens that have lost jobs and wages lowered because of illegal aliens storming our borders for years? Guess they’re not union. I hope it continues and we finally get rid of 1/2 the government parasites.

  6. I’m selling and leaving this craphole. Nothing has changed in my 34 years here and probably won’t ever.

      • What makes you think the Democrat majority on the Board of Supervisors would ever fire Huckleberry? The same Board members will instead argue Huckleberry was forced to lay off people because the IRRESPONSIBLE VOTERS would not pass their bond proposal!

        • It’s not Democrats vs Republicans. huckelberry is personally responsible for appointing incompetent people to BOS over 20 years ago. These BOS owe him for there over $76k salary plus company car,etc. Bronson Elias and valadez owe him. They are not capable to do their jobs other than vote with huckelberry. Ally Miller is the only true public servant on the board. Until we rid ourselves of the 3 pawns, chuck gets everything he wants. Corruption at its ultimate.

    • where do you think you can go anywhere in the USA, Canada that is safe from this mad cow disease????? stay put and get into the fight with your best intellect and experience and POV that is yours.

    • Don’t run brother, stand and fight. I have to admit I have had the same feeling. The problem is with Huckleberry and the like, is that it never enough money, never enough power. Research this. Joe Golff had his ranch in Buemman Canyon for sale for three years for about 3 million dollars. Took it off the market for about 3 months and Huckleberry/Pima county bought it for 11.66 million dollars, then spent another 5or 6 million for a couple of more ranches there to make it a protected area. That didn’t get him fired, how many people in Pima county even know where Buemman Canyon is?

  7. When will we be rid of Huckelberry and his ilk? NOT soon enough! Now Feinman wants to make Pima County a Sanctuary County! Whats next?

    • unfortunately it will be done because the mad cow disease affects the millennial swamps now voting and having panic attacks in public unable to find their safe spaces–thanks to CongrASS Wipes

  8. As someone who has been laid off during my career, I’m very familiar with the feelings being felt by those who are suddenly without a job. While Huckleberry enjoys his ridiculous salary, he will try to blame everyone except himself. If only he had listened to WE THE PEOPLE…

  9. Pretty sure everyone laid off voted Democrat in all of the elections that led up to this layoff.
    To all those that were laid off, that had cushy do-nothing jobs; how does it feel to be laid off first to protect a more connected persons job?

    • My hard working coworkers and myself were among the ones laid off from DOT . Our lives turned upside down many of us republicans. You ignorant bastard!

      • As long as you wish to make it personal Kiki, what did you do at your job and how do we know you really are a Republican? Are you aware that regardless of party, the County workforce is way over staffed compared to similarly sized counties in AZ and over-payed compared to private sector workers, workers who pay the salaries and benefits of County workers through the highest property tax rates in the State?

    • Nope…Not the fault of the workers. It rests squarely on Huckelberry. Many years of mismanagement

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