Vogt Lands Another Government Job, Named Arizona Gaming Director

Vogt during failed 2012 campaign.

Once again, Ted Vogt has landed a government job. This week, Governor Doug Ducey appointed him director of the Arizona Department of Gaming.

Vogt comes to his new gig from Arizona State Parks & Trails.

Ted landed at Arizona State Parks & Trails after being forced out of the Arizona Corporation Commission in July 2018. Vogt, who served as the Commission’s executive director, was forced out after failing to disclose the fact that his wife, Annie Vogt, who works with lobbying firm Veridus LLC had done work for the state’s largest regulated utility, Arizona Public Service Co. (APS).

Ted was then brought in to fill the spot vacated by Arizona State Parks Director Sue Black, who was fired in November 2018 “following numerous complaints, including the bulldozing of potential archaeological sites to rush development of cabins and other improvements,” according to Grand Canyon News.

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The ADI reported in January 2017, that Vogt had come to the Arizona Corporation Commission after a stint working as a lobbyist with Traversant Group.

Prior to the lobbying gig, Vogt served for a very brief time as the Chief of Operations in the Ducey Administration, and as Director of the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services.

Vogt ran for re-election in the 2012 election for Arizona House of Representatives District 10, but was handily defeated.


  1. That agency never recovered from the Brnovich years. Perhaps the big DUCEy wants to finally kill off gaming by appointing this buffoon?

  2. It’s called crony bureaucrat-ism but it’s actually soft socialism. When you can’t do it you teach or run for office. AZ has produced the biggest bunch of losers out there. McCain, McSally, Bruce Ash, Lines, Ducey……on & on. Start working to replace them all now. I’m going to the meeting this month and vote for Kelli Ward to run our GOP. PS Just received a letter yesterday from double-talk Ducey endorsing Lines. That’s a red flag right there. Ward all the way.

  3. This man is the poster child for failed bureaucrats that can’t work an honest job. They should be classified just like the rest of the population that is on state welfare paid for by the hard working taxpayers of this state and the country. How sad that this idiot couldn’t hold a job in the public sector if he tried but yet depends on his friends to keep him on the public dole. Just one more example how the politicians only care about themselves and their cronies and not the taxpayer.

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