Biggs, Gosar Take Congressional Colleagues To Barbed Wire Border “Fence”


Last week, Congressman Andy Biggs reintroduced the Fund and Complete the Border Wall Act.

On Monday, he and Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar took colleagues on a field trip to the currently incomplete wall.


The Fund and Complete the Border Wall Act accomplishes seven things that, according to Biggs, “are vital for our border security.” They are:

  • Creates a fund to build the wall;
  • Instructs the Secretary of Homeland Security to design, test, construct, and install physical barriers, roads, and technology along the border between the United States and Mexico to prevent illegal crossings in all areas;
  • Penalizes foreign aid to Mexico and other countries by $2,000 for every illegal alien that is apprehended. The held back funds are redirected to the border wall fund;
  • Charges a fee for all money transfers when receivers are outside the United States. Collected fees go to the border wall fund;
  • Increases I-94 fees from $6 to $25. The higher fees fund Border Patrol salaries and the border wall fund;
  • Provides relief from burdensome regulations that could be used to prevent or delay wall construction;
  • Restores overtime pay for Border Patrol, ensuring they receive the same rate as all other DHS law enforcement agencies (restoring Fair Labor Standards Act).
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  1. I wish Tom O’Halleran would do the same. The guy has 4 offices we as tax payers for. Flagstaff, casa grande, tuscon and Washington DC but according to his staff it only amounts to a few extra tax dollars. Well shut down 2 offices and use that toward our boarder wall. Let him stay at a hotel if he ever goes down there and get bed bugs like everyone else. The waste in government could pay for our safety.

  2. Huge thanks to AZ Representatives Andy Biggs and Dr Paul Gosar for bringing more Congress critters to the border to see what we deal with every day. It should be mandatory for ALL of Congress on both sides of the aisle to tour the border. Their votes on legislation is life and death critical to border States, their rhetoric is foolish and crafted by lobbyists. The lack of commitment to secure our border and protect American citizens has gone on far too long. #securetheborder #buildthewall

  3. A wall between national boundaries – in a perfect world – not so needed – we don’t live there – a wall is required… not to be bad neighbors, but to be good neighbors. Is it 100% effective – is medicine? Of course it’s not ‘perfect’ but it is a solution worth that effort to correct border problems. It’s vastly better than the current situation. I prefer it to ‘tagging every human being with a electronic chip to monitor there everything’ which is what is coming is it not? Is that the ultimate barrier without barrier – control the human race by machine… its on the horizion of ‘our lifetime’ and I’m an old man. Beware of the mark

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