Meghan McCain still identifies with Republicans, do they identify with her? [POLL]

On Sunday, Meghan McCain, TV panelist on “The View,” said that “headlines are ridiculous” which said she no longer identified as a Republican.

The temperamental McCain blasted a tweet by reporter Dan Nowicki, who was referring to an article in USA Today.

“I stated very clearly I am a member of the party, and vote on the republican ticket but that I put my conservative principles and worldview above all else. I was trying to explain the difference between Trump populists and classic Regan (sic) republican,” tweeted the testy McCain.

On Saturday, Dr. Kelli Ward, who ran against Meghan McCain’s father, Sen. John McCain, in the 2016 Republican Primary, was elected to the Chairmanship of the Arizona Republican Party.

Ward defeated AZGOP Chair Jonathan Lines at the party’s Annual Statutory Meeting.

The election of Ward signaled an end to McCain camp control of the Arizona party apparatus.

Meghan McCain, who has expressed distaste for the grassroots of the Republican Party, tweeted about Ward’s election: “Don’t get me started on this…. great day for Az Democrats.”

The response was scathing from those who cheered Dr. Ward’s victory:

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  1. She can’t spell “Reagan,” and she can’t spell “Republican.”
    Doesn’t that indicate Republicans would be better off if she actually denounced the party she can’t spell correctly?
    Not meaning to be petty, but her poor spelling or, maybe, poor typing fits the image I have of her as a radio talk-show host. Not exactly an intellectual.

  2. McCain was a RINO. I would not expect Mrs. McCain to be so different. Arizona needs adamant, unyielding fiscal conservatives who have the sensibility to stay out of the quagmire that the social conservatives, Neocons, and Democrat regressives have created. Better yet, drain that quagmire (swamp).

  3. Meghan Mc. seems to be a headline-grabbing person ,just like the late senator. Appears to me she is not to be believed when her mouth opens.

  4. Evidently, Meghan McCain believes that she is a political legend…in her own mind only. She is far from being politically savvy, either as a Republican or a Democrat, but rather defines her own party by simply looking in any reflective glass. The only reason why anybody has ever heard of her is because of her father, not due to her own good merits, of the which she has none.

  5. As if real republicans ever felt the McCain’s were one off us. Meghan won’t be missed.

    The Oracle

  6. Good riddance to the power hungry global war-mongering McCain sycophants in AZ. There’s a new day dawning. YIPPEE!

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