Tax Dodging Donkey Ducey: Sunday’s Comic

From the Arizona Daily Independent

Governor Ducey denies Trump tax cuts, vetoes Conformity Bill

PHOENIX — In spite of nearly unanimous support from Republicans in the state legislature, Governor Doug Ducey vetoed SB1143, the Tax Conformity bill that would have ensured that Arizonans did not pay higher state taxes as a result of the Trump tax cuts at the federal level.

The windfall taxpayers received at the federal level created increased tax liabilities at the state level. Lawmakers worked since last year to pass legislation to ensure that Arizona taxpayers would avoid a $150-200 million tax hike, to compensate for lost revenue….

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  1. Now that he has nothing to loose, that promise of no taxes is out the window like all other promises he has made. Now is when needs to line his pockets with more super contracts with Arizona money for his kick backs. You know the GOP is frustrated with him, they want a Lieutenant Governor to prevent the SOS from taking office when the corruption catches up with the Ducey bag of tricks.

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