[UPDATED] Grand Canyon University extends invite to Ben Shapiro after backlash

Christian University offers to work directly with conservative speaker

Ben Shapiro speaking to Young America’s Foundation member in 2017.

[UPDATE] On Wednesday, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro announced on Twitter his decision to decline an invitation from Grand Canyon University to speak on one of its campuses:

PHOENIX — Grand Canyon University announced Tuesday that it was extending an invitation to conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

Late last week, the university banned the popular speaker after the Young America’s Foundation  sought to bring Shapiro to campus.

The University issued a press release announcing that Shapiro would be invited “to speak on its campus sometime this spring.”

The Christian University took a not-Christ-like swipe at the Young America’s Foundation’s national organization in the release, blaming it for the situation which lead to widespread condemnation of the university.

In the release, the university said it “felt the need to explain the timeline of events that led to this decision due to misleading and false information that has been made public by the Young America’s Foundation national organization, which sought to bring Mr. Shapiro to campus.”

The university’s statement said the GCU chapter of the Young America’s Foundation did an “outstanding job of working with its national office to produce a conservative speaker series at GCU during this academic year.”

In this latest case involving Mr. Shapiro, the same protocol was in place. However, when the YAF chapter submitted its guest speaker request in writing on Dec. 11, YAF’s national organization announced publicly on the same day that Mr. Shapiro would be speaking at GCU, even though the university had not yet begun its approval process, the school alleged in its statement.


  1. Top administrators at Grand Canyon University need to step down to allow administration with courage to run GCSU

  2. In the war of political intimidation against individual freedom Governor Ducey has once again failed the state of which he is the leading government leader and political figure. When Grand Canyon University announced that it was bowing to the anti-free speech intimidation of Arizona university administrations, Gov Ducey was not to be found to stand up for the individuals` right to free speech. You may recall that a little over a year ago an illegal immigrant was all over the media crowing about the fact that she had lead a group to intimidate and close down a restaurant in Tucson because the owners supported President Trump and last year just prior to the election a citizen was assaulted because, the accused said, the victim was wearing a Make America Great Again cap. In both of these instances there was not a peep from Governor Ducey in defense of freedom of speech.

    • Ducey is a Democrat and never supported Trump. He has now taken away our tax break from Trump and I would not be surprised if he allows in state tuition for illegals. Crickets when it comes to having a border wall to defend AZ’s porous borders. The same for the two women Senators Sinema & McSally both of whom seem to be on a permanent vacation

  3. What an embarrassment GCU administration has made of itself. Fascism is always bad folks, you can’t hide it.

  4. On a side note Joseph Goebbels, the recently named GCU chief public spokesman, will be handling any and all further comments on the matter.
    Is it truly possible to imagine how indignantly rowdy and out of control the left would be if they weren’t constantly coddled?

    The Oracle

  5. GCU is a private university, so it can decide to accept or deny a speaker based on it’s policies. I am not sure why the Republican Governor would get involved with that. With that said, I was disappointed about GCU’s initial decision to not allow Ben to speak.

    I am not a fan of Sinema, but watching the SOTU I did notice that she did not wear white and she stood at times when the other Dems did not. I did not see McSally. Was she there?

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