Thorpe flush bill could conserve water, taxpayer money

PHOENIX – Arizona Representative Bob Thorpe says he wants the government to stop flushing taxpayer money down the drain.

Thorpe has introduced legislation, House Bill 2428, to conserve water and money through the use of water-free urinals.

“It is estimated that a urinal within a commercial setting can use up to 40,000 gallons annually, so by replacing the 13 urinals within the Arizona House of Representatives building for example, we could save 520,000 gallons annually,” said Thorpe in a press release. “Not only will the House conserve water, but we will save taxpayer money by reducing our water bills.”

HB 2428 would require state buildings to convert to water-free urinals within two years of the effective date of the bill.

The bill would require cities and counties to install water-free urinals with the construction of new buildings and remodeling of existing buildings.

“As the West continues to endure prolonged droughts, Arizonans, including our agriculture community, are going to be asked to reduce and conserve their water usage,” Thorpe said. “State and local governments need to be held to the same standard by taking commonsense steps to reduce water consumption throughout government buildings.”


  1. Bob Thorpe could save even more AZ water by removing all urinals in Mens’ public bathrooms and requiring by law, as Sweden and other EU countries have done recently, men to sit down on toilets to urinate. Call it #peetoomovement. Or better still, cut off California’s water which would force Gov. Moonbeam to invest in building a number of off-shore desalination plants. There’s plenty of water in the Pacific Ocean when desalinated, could easily supply the entire west coast.

  2. Well, no crap! It doesn’t take a genius to see this. I’ve had this thought for years. Even most water urinals now use less water than a terlet flush. It should be done in new residences as well (you know, the coming 15,000 new house developments in every neighborhood) although builders would probably add $40,000 to the cost of the house because they can.

  3. Nice idea but don’t forget the additional cost for maintenance. If I’m not mistaken, a code says water-free urinals have to be serviced daily as opposed to water urinals. If Thorpe’s estimated cost savings includes that then OK.

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