Marijuana Safety Bill blocked by Democrats in Arizona Senate


PHOENIX — Sen. Sonny Borelli R-Lake Havasu City, said he is mystified that a bill which he says would have prevented harmful chemicals from being used in medical marijuana was blocked by Democrats.

Senate Bill 1137 establishes marijuana as an agricultural commodity.

Borelli’s bill also provides $2 million for the Arizona Department of Agriculture to inspect and test marijuana crops for dangerous pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

“Right now, Arizonans who are turning to medical marijuana to relieve pain or other symptoms have no idea what chemicals are being used on the plant,” said Borrelli in a press release. “Marijuana is a plant grown in the ground, and the Department of Agriculture has the expertise to inspect and test marijuana before it is sent to a dispensary. SB 1137 would save lives.”

According to Borelli, the bill, a voter-protected measure, requires three-fourths support, or 23 votes in the Senate. While it made it way through two committees, not a single Democrat supported the bill.

“I’m really at a loss at why the minority would band together to stop this safety measure,” stated Borrelli. “Don’t medical marijuana patients want to know the product they’re ingesting is safe?”


  1. Used to be a conspiracy theory that the alcohol lobby helped keep marijuana illegal.
    Then, supposedly, the wine industry found that marijuana and wine went well together, so the wine people quit opposing decriminalization.
    In my childhood home of Tennessee, the legislators would always foam and fume about the evils of John Barleycorn and always voted to keep Tennessee a dry state. Then, upon recess, retire to Printers Alley to meet more privately with their co-conspirators — over a drink or three.
    Politicians are generally considered by the working and producing people to be a lower life-form, so WHY do we let politicians decide what vegetation working and producing people may ingest?
    If politicians cared about harmful products, they might want to outlaw alcohol.
    Has anyone ever thought of that?
    We could give it a fancy name, like, maybe “Temperance,” or, better, “Prohibition.”

  2. Obviously our statewide collection of libtard Dims don’t want to know what’s in the Kool-aid. Actions do speak louder then words, and thier partisan inaction right down party lines is deafening.
    Even though the majority of voters passed the use of medical marijuana within the state, the state doesn’t see it as a prescription drug. They prefer to only recognize it as a cash cow and not a legitimate pharmaceutical product. Who knows why the Dims do what they do. Perhaps it was a coin toss or they use the sacred Ouija board when making public policy.
    Any pharmaceutical manufacture would be subject to similar testing, the state is all happy to collect money in the from of various “fees” from patients, dispensaries and producers of product, but clearly they simply have no interest in safeguarding, protecting and insuring the safety of those that use medical marijuana as an alternative to the continuing the opioid crisis.
    What could possibly be thier partisan motivation? Would the party faithful Dims allow rat poisoning in childrens asprin right down party lines?

    The Oracle

  3. Is Mr. Borelli an idiot? The Democrats did not block the bill, the AZ legislature is controlled by the Republicans so it is they who blocked passage of the bill.

  4. Could it be possible that we have national lobbyists say for example contributing to candidates with the promise to promote a national alliance? Could the committee chairs that bills are calendared not bring to vote? Perhaps of agreements to bring a national alignment of the Marijuana control board of each state? I believe this is what DR Randy Friese is promoting with his proposal HB2537. Biggest problem it is police administrating A DRUG FOR A PROFIT. No matter the nobility that can be hung on a taxed dollar spent for good, one wrong dont make it right.

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