Democrats squabbling over their new bill to allow infanticide in Arizona

Thirteen Democrats sponsor bill that kills babies who survive abortions

PHOENIX — A Democratic Arizona State legislator is reportedly unhappy because the infanticide bill she formerly sponsored is set to be heard in the Judiciary Committee Wednesday.

Apparently Raquel Teran, D-Phoenix, the primary sponsor of the bill, has changed her mind and no longer wants to support a bill that allows babies to be killed after they are born alive.

Jennifer Jermaine, also a Phoenix Democrat, also formerly supported the bill, which would lift existing protection for babies who survive abortions.

In a Facebook message posted 9:26 p.m. Tuesday,  Jermaine claims that Teran has informed her fellow Democrats that “her bill goes beyond a repeal of Senate Bill 1367, which was an error and does not reflect her intent.”

“I do not support the bill in its current form and have removed myself as co-sponsor ,” Jermaine wrote on Facebook.

Jermaine complains in her Facebook post that House Judiciary Chairman John Allen is not allowing Teran to amend the bill she formerly supported.

Teran has been silent about her change of mind about the law.

Senate Bill 1367, signed into law in 2017, mandates that a baby who is born alive as a result of a failed or botched abortion must receive medical treatment to save his or her life.

The new Democratic House Bill 2696 reverses that requirement so that a baby born alive can be left to die, however long that might take.

The new Arizona bill is sponsored by 13 Democratic representatives:  Teran,  Jermaine, Isela Blanc, Reginald Bolding, Andres Cano, Charlene Fernandez, Randy Friese, Rosanna Gabaldón, Daniel Hernandez, Jennifer Longdon, Pam Powers-Hannley, Athena Salman, and Amish Shah.

The Republicans hold a 31 to 29 majority in the House, so even if all the Democrats voted for this bill to take the lives of babies who survive abortions, it most likely will not succeed.

This new Democratic bill is part of a nationwide push to allow abortion providers to perform abortions up until the moment a child is born or even after an abortion fails, to take the life of the baby.

In New York State on Jan. 22, shortly after the Democrats took control of the state legislature, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill allowing late term abortions at any time, to the cheers of the lawmakers. Several other states have followed suit, introducing other bills lifting restrictions on later term abortions in the wake of Democratic victories in the 2018 election.

Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia, during a radio interview about that state’s proposed bill to support late term abortion, advocated for abortion after delivery in some cases. A firestorm of protest from conservatives nationwide ensued, which led to a former classmate exposing the fact that he placed a photo of himself in blackface or a KKK robe on his medical yearbook page when he was 25 years old.

Apparently Teran received word that infanticide is not popular with most Americans, including Arizonans.

“Pollsters say that Democrats should try to avoid the topic of ‘late-term’ abortions. While taxes on top earners and Medicare for all poll at well over 50 percent approval, just a tenth of Americans consistently support abortion in the third trimester (which starts at the 28th week of pregnancy),” according to a report by CNBC.

Attempts to reach Teran were unsuccessful. Tehran was only posting only pictures of ASU Day at the Capitol on her Facebook page. The Arizona Democratic Party’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are silent on the subject of their infanticide bill as well.


Teran, a former Planned Parenthood employee, “has informed us that her intent with the bill was to repeal the 2017 fetal resuscitation bill (Senate Bill 1367) and return that decision to the mother and her doctor in the difficult instance of a miscarriage after 20 weeks,” Jermaine wrote in her post.

Jermaine claims that Teran “has apologized and has asked to withdraw the bill, which the House Judiciary Chairman John Allen is not allowing her to do or to amend to reflect her true intent.”

However, lawmakers question how an employee of Planned Parenthood could not have recognized flaws with the bill prior to it being assigned to be heard in committee.

Jermaine says she does “not support the bill in its current form” and has removed herself as a co-sponsor. Jermaine is calling on her supporters to demand that  Allen “hold the bill.”


From the legislative record:

HB 2696: fetal resuscitation; repeal
PRIME SPONSOR: Representative Terán, LD 30
BILL STATUS: Judiciary


Repeals requirements regarding the treatment of an aborted fetus or embryo delivered alive.


If a physician performs an abortion and the fetus or embryo is delivered alive, the physician must attempt to keep the fetus or embryo alive (A.R.S. § 36-2301). A fetus or embryo is delivered alive if it is breathing, has a heartbeat, has umbilical cord pulsation, or has definite movement of voluntary muscles. The aborting entity and physician must document and report to the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) whether the fetus or embryo was born alive and their efforts to keep the
delivered fetus or embryo alive (A.R.S. §§ 36-2161, 36-2301).

Pursuant to statute, DHS requires that, for an abortion performed at or after 20 weeks’ gestational age:

1. An abortion clinic must designate someone to contact emergency services immediately upon birth in order to transfer the fetus or embryo to a hospital;

2. At least one person trained in neonatal resuscitation must be present in the room; and

3. The aborting entity must provide rapid neonatal resuscitation, including by assessing respiration and heart rate, clearing secretions, positioning the airway, providing warmth, drying, and administering oxygen as needed (A.R.S. § 36-2301(D)).

DHS also prescribes minimum equipment standards required to help abortion clinic physicians keep aborted fetuses and embryos alive (A.R.S. § 36-449.03(E)(6)).

If treating an aborted fetus or embryo would only temporarily prolong the act of dying, the aborting physician does not have to provide additional treatment beyond the DHS requirements (A.R.S. § 36-2301). Otherwise, the physician must utilize all available means and medical skills to keep the fetus or embryo alive.

DHS may suspend or revoke a noncompliant hospital’s or abortion clinic’s license and may impose a civil penalty (A.R.S. §§ 36-427, 36-431.01, 36-449.03(I)(1), 36-2301(F)).

Statute authorizes the surviving mother, father, and in some cases maternal grandparents, to sue a noncompliant person or entity for:

1. Physical and emotional damages;

2. The greater of $5,000 or three times the cost of the abortion; and
3. Reasonable attorney fees and costs (A.R.S. § 36-2301(I)).


1. Repeals A.R.S. § 36-2301 relating to the duty to treat an aborted fetus or embryo delivered alive (Sec. 3).

2. Relieves DHS of the duty to establish rules regulating the treatment of aborted fetuses and embryos delivered alive (Secs. 1 and 3).

3. Relieves physicians, clinical staff, and aborting entities of the duty to document and report whether an aborted fetus or embryo was delivered alive and the efforts made to keep the fetus or embryo alive (Secs. 2 and 3).

4. Makes conforming changes (Sec. 1).

5. Makes technical changes (Secs. 1 and 2).


  1. Democrat voters who do not agree with this vile Bill, now you know the names of the creatures who sponsored this Bill. Vote them out! There are not enough “good deeds” these creatures can do to wipe the stench of sulfur off them.

  2. I suggest that supporters of this bill be aborted immediately so they can “get a feel” of what it’s like. Please do it publicly so it can be done to the cheers of the crowd.

  3. Those democrats that agree with this murder of children have no souls,no conscience and have no remorse. They are not lacking in intelligence, it takes intelligence to come up with this horror show.
    I now look at people who claim to be democrats in a whole new way, the look of dark souls, no light in their eyes. If I am being harsh you look at them and tell me what you see.

  4. This just goes to show you that Democrats are no better than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined supporting the deaths of over 60 million unborn children. I personally believe that if a doctor terminates a baby at birh or just after birth then they and the mother should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for murder period.

  5. So tell me this, if the child’s own Mother doesn’t want/can’t take care of it then just who will? You, with all your posturing? Oh, I get it…. “someone else”, eh? But then what do you want to do with the kids who masturbate? Kill them for being “murderers”? There are two sides to every issue.

    • So if a mother doesn’t want her child it’s just ok to kill the little baby? Right up to the moment of birth? Is that what you’re arguing for?


    • @CJ: Don’t you think comparing masturbation to abortion is a stretch even for a clueless idiot such as yourself?
      Oh wait nevermind, your public comments alone prove your incapable of self sustained analytical thought.
      Your two sides are dumb and dumber.

      The Oracle

      • Well, The Oracle, you seem to have progressed into the democratic way of thinking in your vile diatribe of name calling. Tell me, do you have any better solution than “let someone else” take care of the problem? As far as the masturbating thing, it takes people like you to make that stretch of sarcasm a reality.

        • @CJ: My bad, I had no idea, you see a diatribe is actully a forceful and bitter VERBAL attack against someone or something. So while you believe yourself to be the victim of my harsh abusive tirade, my onslaught, my stream of abuse, my denunciation, my condemnation, my overt criticism, my admonishment, and my castigation, sadly these are written words posted in writing on a cyper newspaper.
          By all means, please feel free to post your phone number in order for me to call you up and verbally attack you thereby satisfying your yet unfilled need to be the victim of a diatribe.
          You might want to quit while you still believe your ahead.

          The Oracle

        • To “The Oracle”, cry me a river! Read and attempt to comprehend before spouting your Written vile words. ps learn the difference between your and you’re. Oh wait, you want to blame that, too, on anything else but yourself, right?

        • @CJ: well that escalated quickly, you’ve (grammar check please) tactically morphed from advocating for the murder of the unborn into the spelling and grammar police.
          It’s very revealing to see your priorities shift from the trivial murder of innocence to the rabid monumental enforcement of spelling, grammar and pronunciation. It’s clear for all to see where your bankrupt priorities are placed.
          I guess in your world the hidden legalized industrial scale perfection of infanticide is completely acceptable as long as everything is spelled correctly that appears in public.
          Oh BTW, I still need you to post your phone number to fulfill your constant need of being a victim. Please don’t whimp out on us now.

          The Oracle

        • Ha Ha HA! That was pretty funny The Oracle! So what is it you want to do with all the unwanted children? You will never do anything personally and I don’t believe any unwanted fetus should be brought into this world that has people with attitudes that will end up bringing them nothing but misery. Look around and if you can’t even see that in Tucson then try going out of the city limits, county limits or even anywhere in the country for that matter. Heck look in the foster homes and see how some are treated. This is your idea of “let them all live”? Just so you have another chance to answer the question, what is it you are going to do about a chid that neither the Mother wants and you will do nothing about? Leave it to someone else…??

        • @CJ: personally I wouldn’t have objected had you mother aborted you when you were just a mass of cells, or perhaps the abortionist could have pierced scissors into your skull during a late term abortion to ensure the end of your inconvenient presence on planet earth.
          Perhaps you should ask your own mother why she failed to terminate you? Her answers might surprise you.
          Either way your willingness to condone and support the murder of the unborn in the name of convenience is simply indefensible in my world.
          Despite you assertions, there are lines of people willing and waiting to adopt. I can’t see how anyone can justify murder of the most innocent and defenseless among us.
          I didn’t go and make all these unwanted children. I’ve already raised my kids. I didn’t expect your help in raising them, nor did I ask for it. So why is my tax dollars mandated by leftest to go and help you to destroy yours?
          I really love how you’ve attempted to twist and hijack the article from the protection of those babies born alive by a botched abortion to the lack of sexual responsibility by those seeking abortions to the lack of financial support by those in opposition of it. Your progressive reasoning is laughable.
          It’s simply impossible for me to further point out the flaws of your thinking and your beliefs, you’ve done a masterful job of that all on your own, everytime you get near a keyboard you drive home how bankrupt your argument is.
          Hopefully one day you will awaken from your fog of confusion and you will see the errors of your ways, hopefully someday you will value human life as truly precious. But until that day arrives I will gladly draw your anger and continue to advocate for those who voices are silenced before they can speak.
          It’s not a choice, it’s a child, and where I come from we don’t murder our children.
          One day you will stand in judgment before God, good luck trying to win that jury over with your argument.

          The Oracle

    • Your understanding of those you disagree with is so minimal, it is sad. The issue boils down to this in my mind. At what point do we as a people believe that a life should be preserved or ended based on the wants of another?

    • CJ – your thought processes pre-sead you… there are “two sides to this issues’ the right and the wrong – and the souls of the saints piled high to the heavens

  6. Finally we’ve stopped sugar coating the legalized murder of the most innocent and defenseless among us. Calling abortion what it truly is.
    Thank you ADI for shining the light of truth on this lie and calling it by its real name. Of course the Dims are running for cover, all manor of roaches scatter and flee whenever the lights get turned on.

    The Oracle

  7. The Abortion Industry is the largest unregulated industry, making million$ murdering babies. The true intentions of the democrat party and who they are beholden to has seen the light of day. This has never been about women’s health, but instead population control. Starting with the evil Margaret Sanger and her plan to kill black babies to reduce an “inferior” segment of humanity. Of course at that time she had a very willing racist democrat party to help her carry out her plans. Guess what kids here they are with their true intentions, only now it includes all babies from all ethnic groups. The New looks a lot like the Old party.

  8. The only thing that I can say about this type of legislation and late term abortions up to birth is how sick are the idiots that think its OK to kill another human being up to their day of birth. How utterly bankrupt of intellegence these people are when they say that its OK to kill without remorse or consequences? Makes me throw up in my mouth every time I read garbage like this.

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