Border Patrol agents apprehend a large group of illegal aliens west of Lukeville



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  1. I’m so sick and tired of paying for other people’s meals and housing, raised my kids! Paid their university never got government help! I’ve never had the luxury of spending no 800$ to 1000$ for groceries! And I raised 4 children.

  2. How about letting them come in with permit to work! And explain no free housing no food stamps! They must pay own medical! Even if they have kids born here, they must work ten years to be able to qualify for assistance! And fitter Pete’s sake change the dam laws regarding food stamps for people that live here 3 month’s help and get their lazy butts to work!

  3. c’mon guys you know this is FAKE news now dont cha? Why madame peelousey and company say that there is no influx of illegals and we have sufficient border wires to prevent anyone from entry! So how can a story like this and others be true, the democraps would not lie to us now would they?

    • Come on now. All it would take is hiring more judges 300 judges this isn’t enough. More judges means more asylum-seekers can be processed. Not just 30 a day. That’s ridiculous. Trump is keeping it at 300 judges and causing all of this.

  4. Maybe if the Border Patrol was actually ON THE BORDER instead of running around and manning checkpoints 50 or 100 miles north of the border, they could spot these people approaching and forbid them entry with plentiful pepper spray.

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