Former Grijalva staffer misses court hearing, launched unprovoked attack on Trump supporter


Former Grijalva staffer Daniel Zaroes Brito, age 42, is accused of assaulting Jonathan Sparks (pictured).

Editor’s Note: Grijalva’s office reports that Zaroes Brito is not currently a staff member.

TUCSON  — Judge Gus Aragon’s downtown Tucson courtroom was filled to capacity Monday for a hearing in the trial of Daniel Zaroes Brito, who was arrested on robbery charges Nov. 3 for attacking Jonathan Sparks for urging people to vote Republican in the midterm election.

Grand Jury testimony was provided to Judge Aragon regarding the attack of Jonathan Sparks on 4th Avenue in front of witnesses.

Both sides agreed that Sparks was attacked from behind as he wore a Make America Great Again hat and held a pro-Republican sign, Vote Jobs not Mobs – Vote Republican, in downtown Tucson.

The hat was grabbed from Sparks from behind and when he tried to retrieve it Sparks was thrown to the ground by his assailant, 42-year-old Daniel Zaroes Brito, a Legislative Assistant to U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Tucson, in Washington, D.C.

Brito jumped onto Sparks breaking his ankle in several places, requiring hospitalization and surgery.

Brito, a Democrat, was heard shouting things about ‘Hitler’, ‘Nazi’ and ‘Trump’ at Sparks during the incident, making it clear he was attacking Sparks for his political beliefs.

LinkedIn shows Brito works as a Legislative Assistant to Congressman Raul Grijalva in DC. Brita did not return from Maryland for his hearing today and may be called to at least Skype into future court proceedings, his attorney said.

Brito did not return from Maryland for his hearing today. He may be called to Skype instead of appearing at future court proceedings, his attorney said.

From FOX News:

Tucson police said it arrested Daniel Zaroes Brito, 42, on robbery charges — but additional charges could be filed.

Sparks said he was wanted to share his enthusiasm for a “fantastic president.”

“I think that intolerance to his ideology was the flame,” Sparks said of his assailant.

Sparks said he believed circumstances would have been different if he was holding an anti-Trump sign.

Both sides agreed Brito grabbed Spark’s MAGA hat, the two spun around and Sparks fell to the ground attempting to retrieve his property. Sparks broke his ankle in four places.

Brito later claimed he was diagnosed with a concussion.

What was not mentioned in the courtroom was the report by witnesses that Brito walked away and returned a second time to continue punching Sparks, as he lay on the ground with a broken ankle.

It was also not mentioned in the courtroom that Brito had to be pulled off Sparks by bystanders or the attack could have been much worse.

Judge Aragon suggested the parties hold a settlement conference before the next hearing, scheduled for 9 a.m. April 29.

The defendant had previously offered the state a settlement that was declined.

Observers in the courtroom left indignant with the idea of a possible settlement. Some of the attendees questioned why such violent acts, for obvious political reasons, did not carry an additional charge of a hate crime.

Sparks reportedly told Fox News he learned something from the attack, that people cared enough about him to pull the attacker off him. Also paramedics stayed with him and a police officer protected him.

“I was attacked with vengeance by an evil man,” Sparks said. “You know what God taught me through the whole thing? How wonderful Tucson is.”


  1. I try to stay on top of current events here in Tucson, when I read this story I was shocked. How can someone who assaulted a another citizen just because of their political affiliation be allowed to “get away” from such a violent crime. When domestic violence calls re made at least one person gets arrested if not both. This guy attacked someone else, and later came back and assaulted that person again and was not arrested?? Where is the local community on this?? Where is his boss??(former??) No word from the media outlets, no news coverage? We need to let the rest of the country know what goes on in Tucson regarding assaults on Republicans. I am so upset at the police dept, at the judge who let this angry man just walk away and hide in Washington. I hope that this opens the eyes of those who keep electing the same people over and over again.

  2. Unhinged leftwing thugs will continue to assault people and patriots they hate until we start fighting back.

  3. “Redermination of probable cause”? More like redefinition of the term to avoid any form of accountability. And just where does the Arizona State Bar stand in all of this? Don’t the facts and Judge Aragon’s subsequent actions here amply justify the need for swift and thorough ethical investigation of Judge Aragon’s outrageous extension of deference to an obviously hateful and violent defendant in this extremely serious, criminal case? If not, why not?

  4. This is just standard Democrat Corruption. When you vote Democrat this is what you are voting for.

  5. Remember this the next time your ballot asks you whether or not Judge Aragon should be retained. Judge Aragon was not surprisingly appointed to office in 2006 by leftist Governor Napolitano. A good rule of thumb in voting on judges is to google their name and find out which past governor appointed them. Another good rule is to never, ever, vote for Democrats or judges appointed by Democrats. Not that the GOP has bragging rights, but Democrats as a rule cling to an anti-liberty agenda.

  6. Remember it is the Democrats that want to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens so their cowardly enforcers can fearlessly beat the crap out of anyone who dares to disagree with them. It’s also the party that would murder innocent infants for the crime of being inconvenient. Which means they would murder anyone. While they ironically equate pro-life President Trump to Hitler.

  7. Where is a good atty? OH I FORGOT! We’re in leftist country where no one will represent the other side.

    • Wellll…. he DID lead a boycott against Arizona because of immigration policies back in the Obama era. That was SUPPOSED to be for Az’s benefit, I guess….(in his feeble javelina brain, anyway.)



  10. Did the judge allow him to leave the state prior to the trial? Is he working for Congr Grijalva in DC?

    • Grijalva claims he’s not working for him any more. But was he at the time of the attack? How long after that? Why does Brito’s linkedin still show him working for Grijalva? What is he doing in Washington DC? These are all good questions.

      Most people think the justice system in Tucson is corrupt and that’s why he was allowed to leave.

  11. Why the hell was he arrested on a “robbery” charge? That makes absolutely no sense. Was he actually robbed? Why are there no assault charges as well? This was very clearly a spontaneous,
    violent hate crime and he should be in lock up. He is obviously unstable and should not be allowed to go free in public.

  12. The court records show he now resides in Washington DC. Is he a government employee dodging criminal prosecution?

    Document Caption File Date Image

    Redetermination of probable cause? Really? This man deserves due process, and so does his alleged victim. Extradite him back to AZ.

  13. Editor’s Note: Grijalva’s office reports that Zeroes Brito is not currently a staff member.

    Okay…since when?
    …and then check for payment under the table…

    • Robbery must be for taking, at least, the hat.
      Looks like he is charged with two Class 4 felonies, agg ass and robbery, and a misd. dis cond. It doesn’t look like they are alleged to be Dangerous Nature felonies. Now if the agg ass is dangerous nature, causing serious physical injury, it could be mandatory time.
      Now this is interesting, the court record shows he is charged with 13-1204A3—,
      is that applicable here? 1204A3 says assault is aggravated because “…the person commits the assault after entering the private home of another.” If this is accurate, and my on line resource is current, then this is the wrong subsection. The result is going to be, at trial, he will walk on this charge. Should probably be 13-1204A1, A11, and A14?? Caveat: I am using the net to check current subsections.

      • How can the Prosecutor’s office be held to account to file the right charges? In the KNST interview Jonathan Sparks says he can’t get any lawyer to help him – they don’t return his calls.

        • I’m sorry. No intent to mislead so correction. I was just directed to the current criminal code, ARS 13.
          Current 1204A3 looks like an appropriate subsection for the charge temporary disfigurement, fracture of any body part, etc. But aren’t 1204A1 serious physical injury and A4 capacity to resist substantially impaired, also appropriate? And that still leaves the issue of multiple assaults- he left and then returned.

      • Depends on Grand Jury and what they true bill. County Attorney can subtract charges but can’t add! Look who CA is!

  14. April 29-that’s two months away?? What the heck? Case should be tried by then. I don’t know much about the facts of the case, but if the original crimes were committed, agg.ass. and robbery, and Brito left, and then returned and committed additional assaults upon victim, then there should be additional charges filed. And first agg ass., robbery, alleged as prior offenses to subsequent offenses, increasing penalties. And if he came back and jumped on the guy, that comes close to attempted murder?? Brito should not be given free assaults, esp. if victim already had broken ankle and was, in effect, incapacitated. So remand case to Grand Jury for additional charges.
    How did he leave town? Who agreed? It’s nice that def. atty wants to waive his presence, but it’s defendant’s right to waive presence, not atty. Atty can come in in two weeks and say he has lost contact with def., then what are you going to do? How does anyone Brito has knowledge about what is going on in court? Do we have any written waivers? In this day and age, defendant can appear telephonically, why isn’t he? Judge needs to talk to defendant, not anyone else and ensure defendant is aware? Is PRe trial monitoring brito? I don’t have file, but was he originally told he couldn’t leave state, then he did, or, did everyone agree he could leave and then he left?
    Set it for trial and administer due process. Sounds like ice cold two day case.

    • Judge Aragon appears to be bought and paid for; he has presided over other nefarious decisions in the past, decisions that flew in the face of facts. Aragon needs to be removed.

  15. Corrupt lawmakers exception case! They walk free with no punishment but a Kindergarten child will be severely punished if he kisses a little girl on the playground? Just an example of Left Wing protecting its own Crazy Mean, hateful self!

  16. I would also like to know why this story is not on the crime section of this paper? This is a crime and Tucson should not be able to sweep it under the carpet.

    • I noticed the Red Star has a complete blackout on this story along with every other TV News outlet – except for KVOA who had one initial story that withheld Daniel Brito’s name. I emailed the about this hearing but there was no follow up last night. It’s a huge Tucson cover-up.

  17. “Assistant to U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Tucson, in Washington, D.C.” Well we know who and where he is. This isn’t right and should be dealt with.

  18. If only Jussie Smollett had been wearing a MAGA hat he wouldn’t have had to fake an assault against him.

  19. the difference between this case and Smolts is that this was a real attack and the media is silent!

  20. My only question is why isn’t he in jail? Why wasn’t a warrant issued for his arrest. Anyone else would be in deep crap but I am sorry, attend a court hearing via skype? He should face the judge just like everyone else. Can you say preferential treatment? I can and I will, and I call BS on the whole process. He should have been arrested on the spot and thrown in jail for criminal assault. Perhaps even a hate crime, but no he walked and didn’t even show up for court. Just shows how much power the drunk, Fat Toad has in this city….pathetic… and the dumbass people keep electing him and his mafia.

  21. Isn’t it amazing how the Left screams Hitler and Nazi at Republicans when their own party is no better than the Nazis and they fail to realize that their own stance on things reflect the same things that Hitler stood for

  22. This was obviously attempted murder; according to Jonathan Spark’s KNST Interview when Brito returned he leaped and landed a kick on Spark’s chest as he lay writhing in pain from the broken ankle. Daniel Brito then furiously pummeled Sparks while screaming hate until he was pulled off by bystanders.

    Why is Daniel Brito not in jail awaiting trial for attempted murder? Apparently because we are seeing the influence of DNC Political Boss Raúl Grijalva on the Tucson Justice System – including Judge Gus Aragón.

  23. Why the hell is their not a police case and a court case for charges of assault on this Brito guy.. Whether he is a grijalva worker or not… I mean anyone else in tucson..pretty sure they would still be in county lockup…

    • Perhaps the police, prosecutors and judges have been told that if they don’t look the other way Daniel Brito will return from DC and break their ankles as well. After all, there’s nobody to stop him.

    • Because Grijalva is like a God in Tucson. Its a very big liberal town. If the tables were turned, there would of been an assault charge and a charge of a hate crime.

  24. Daniel Zaroes Brito is clearly a threat to a peaceable sociality and belongs in jail just like any other violent criminal.
    His freedom and his “special preferential” kid glove treatment is just proof positive that once again, “If it wasn’t for double standards, the looney out of control left would have no standards”…
    Remember, this violent act is brought to us by the party of inclusion and tolerance…

    The Oracle

    • Remember also that we have not heard a single word of condemnation of this attack by Tucson Mayor Rothschild (or any of those running for mayor of Tucson today) or the head of our State, Governor Ducey! If this is not a hater crime, what is?

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