Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies, Border Patrol agents rescue freezing aliens


Rescue personnel from four agencies were called to rescue aliens who had become stranded atop a snowcapped mountain in southern Arizona [Photo courtesy U.S. CBP]

TUCSON – Five illegal aliens were rescued on Thursday from a snowcapped mountain south of Tucson, by U.S. Border Patrol agents, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office personnel and a Department of Public Safety air crew.

The rescue began late Wednesday after Tucson Sector Border Patrol received a 911 call from a man who was stranded atop the Santa Rita Mountains along with four companions, said a release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office  was also contacted by the man. The Sheriff’s Office coordinated rescue efforts with the DPS air crew, which notified Border Patrol they had located the group on at about 1 a.m. Thursday.

Rescue efforts were postponed until daybreak due to hazardous conditions.

The Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue team reached the location on foot and medically stabilized members of the group, which included three Honduran and two Mexican nationals, who were all illegally present in the country. The men were exhausted and had injuries to their extremities caused by the snow and freezing temperatures.

The men were extracted from the area by helicopter and taken to a nearby road where medical personnel from the Green Valley Fire District transported them to a local hospital for treatment.


  1. give them some hot coffee a doughnut and then march them back into Mexico where they belong. Also void out their right to apply for a visa or asylum since they already broke our immigration laws by crossing illegally

  2. Heart-warming story. Now spend more thousands to restore their health. Let ’em stay here. Give ’em welfare and other social services. Let ’em import their families. Let ’em register to vote. This of course is what US veterans fought for and for which many died… defend a borderless country (oxymoron) open to alien invasion. Curse every office-holder who is letting this happen.

    • They are persons first .it doesn’t matter if they are undocumented.They salved some lifes.How can you be So cruel.And think first in the money that will be used to get them well.Did you ever get upset that we spend millions every time that donald goes to play golf in Mar A Lago?
      C’mon man.!!

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