Lukeville “Remains Favored Crossing Point” For Illegal Border Crossers

Normandy style fence found near Lukeville

TUCSON – On Tuesday, a large group of Central American families were apprehended by order Patrol agents after they illegally entered the country west of Lukeville.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, agents detected the group of 102 illegal aliens, “walking in the United States along the vehicle barrier that serves as an international boundary with Mexico. Much like the other large groups encountered in this area within the last six months, all of the individuals who surrendered to agents were Guatemalan and Honduran nationals, with children accounting for more than half the group, 12 of which were unaccompanied.”

“Smuggling organizations have expanded their exploitation of Central Americans to unprecedented levels,” said Tucson Sector Chief Roy Villareal. “By transporting these large groups of families to remote desert areas, it’s clear they have little regard for the safety and well-being of these families. Their sole intent is to disrupt border security efforts.”


  1. CJ – your funny – PC – is FUBAR – it won’t be fixed in your or my lifetime – its’ who got ‘voted in’ – trying to fix home – sounds like an un-civil war to me… to which I would agree if that is what is needed to ‘fix it’ ; it’s not happening in Venezuela, why not?

  2. Is this a better question, Would you invade a foreign country illegally or stay home and try to fix your own country? Kind of like saying that just because Pima County has corrupt managers no one should try and fix the problem?

  3. Time to put up the wall If that cannot be done soon then put snipers at the wall and start shooting illegals as they cross.

    • Cunn ane your ‘shoot them’ comment – quite anel of you

      Question – if you were them – would you cross or stay home? I think I would have to say I would cross. Don’t misunderstand this comment as being in support of them crossing – I am not – I am in support of immigration reform of this ‘many decades old problem’ but putting the shoe on the other foot, would I cross.. probably would have to be my answer.

      • they need to stay in their own countries and try to reform them not bring this one down to what they are supposedly leaving and trying to establish here. There are plenty of libs/leftist who should go down and help start reforms they seem to think need to be set up. We should all encourage them to go. DACA types should also be returned as they have an ‘american’ education and should be vital in establishing a better country which they are from.

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