Previously Deported Convicted Felon Arrested Near Lukeville

TUCSON – Efrain Guillen-Olivas, an illegal alien who was previously convicted in Phoenix for multiple felonies, was arrested near Lukeville, Arizona by Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents.

Guillen-Olivas, age 42, was previously convicted of multiple felonies in Phoenix for dangerous drugs, narcotics possession, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and several sexual assault charges, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Guillen-Olivas received over 13 years in prison for his crimes. He was previously deported from the U.S. on multiple occasions, according to CBP.

Guillen is being charged with felony immigration charges for re-entering the United States following deportation.


  1. Drugs are destroying our youth
    Drugs from Mexico are killing children
    Drugs from Mexico are destorying our American Values
    These illegals crossing over here are carrying these dangerous drugs here to ruin us
    They the illegals are taking away our Homes, Jobs, our Safety
    The Drugs cause crime these drugs cause Child Abuse.Drugs are causeing more mental illness
    across America
    We must come first We must feed our own familys first We must repair our communitys from these horriable drugs The crimes rates are up Driving accidents shootings because of Drugs
    We cant accept everyone here. We have to draw a line Look at the homeless rate. All this will get worse We must stand up to protect our own first We must say No More until we fix our own problems
    We Americans Must Stand Up for Our Country For Our Own
    And then and only then wecan help others.. They are destorying our country and becoming very rich doing it Taking our resorouses away from our children our Vets from us, all of us.
    Have the rich Drug Cartels take care of them, They have billions of dollars and pay no taxs etc They can take care of their own
    Our Job here is to protect our children and we have failed
    Look at all the missing teenagers in 2017 2018 missing
    Drugs from Mexico and what these drugs do have taken them away from us Stop think
    We Americans Must and always must come first My father died protecting this great land.
    He didnt die and fight to save drug runners or Parisites to live here to not obey our laws
    Peace how about our abused children our starving children
    Familys ripped apart separated by the Drugs / Crime coming in from our borders
    Say No more Illegals Obey Our Laws want to be an American
    Then act like one .

  2. It is so sad to think just because the are illegally in this country we have to be as bad some people we have to pray to God 🙏 for the conversion of all the world Jesus is coming soon and if we don’t prepare for his coming a lot of us going to hell for not follow him and not doing anything to be repaired our ways Good bless America

  3. any illegal alien who was deported once and is a convicted felon and who is caught crossing the border illegally again needs to be shot on the spot. No trial or questions … just a bullet to the head and case closed.

    • Bill Yes I feel ya ! its getting to the point of anger, that So many bleeding hearts dont see whats going on.
      Why arent they helping fellow Americans Instead they help drug carrying mules and outlaws
      Everyday my anger rises
      We have so many Americans that need help with homes jobs food medical etc
      We cant help others till we help our own
      I feel like this Great American
      Foundation is slipping away and turning into Civil unrest, that these memes are not using their brains to understand that the problems drugs and illegals are going to cause in the long run So many more problems for them and us
      I feel we need to focus on our own children being ripped from familys here in the usa because of the drugs/crime Why are they not thinking about their fellow Americans first ?
      Getting worried for our Law Enforcement They have to deal with these criminals that are fueled by drugs Drugs coming from via Mexico
      They arent obeying our laws
      And with out laws Its a free for all that means civil unrest for many
      We Must Stand Up as Americans and say No to illegals
      They can obey our laws
      Respect our laws Respect Us
      Wait in line Do it Legal.
      Theres a very ugly evil going on under the belly and people are not seeing whats really going on
      by undermiding our laws
      We Must Protect Americans
      And our youth our children Our mothers our fathers our own from this surge of these disrespectfull freeloading illegals from bringing dangérous drugs to this country
      We do not want any more Illegal drugs and thugs here..

      Ana Kite I am not a bad person because I respect American Laws
      They will cause more homeless
      More crime More drain on our system, they will take away from you and yours Your safety
      Why dont You care for the millions of fellow Americans here already ? The Children here being abused Are you going to share your house your money your food your car for them ?
      You can sponser a family for 5 yrs on your dime ok
      Laws are inplace for a reason
      It has nothing to do with being a bad person to want everyone to Obey them Drug Runners dont care for you all they want is to get you hooked and take your money and ruin you ..They do not like you or care for you They will steal Even kill you for drugs
      So whos the bad guys ?

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