Trump ‘Unity Bridge’ Rolls Through Arizona On “Build The Wall Tour”

Trump Unity Bridge on the Build the Wall tour

There were a lot of double-takes when the Trump Unity Bridge rolled through the streets of Phoenix and Tucson on Monday and Tuesday.

The Trump Unity Bridge, created by a Rob Cortis from Michigan, is touring the United States on its “Build The Wall Tour.”

So far, Cortis has traveled more than 175,000 miles in all 48 mainland states with the float that he created after the 2016 presidential debates in an effort to bring people together on common issues.

According to Cortis’ website, his mission “is to create unity through education to all Americans bridging the gap by inspiring choice of positive messages seen on the Trump Unity Bridge.”


  1. Too back it couldn’t stay till Thursday and roll past the weekly Communists protesting at the Tucson Federal Building. On the other hand, the 3-4 Commies look like they are in their 80s and would need giant reading glasses to read it as it rolled by.

  2. this ‘crisis’ and I believe it is – will usher in the ‘tag’ the mark of humans – it will have the effect of cashless society – no ‘mark’ no buy – work – drive – fly – medicine – bank – nothing without – it will be touted as the fix to illegal immigration – you have one, or get one when you cross, when your caught its the first thing that is done to you, it track you knows you, owns you – it will be said to stop drug trade – no cash – it will be worthless – no lost taxes – they simply take direct from your electronic account – no black market there is nothing to buy with that is not monitored – the ‘mark’ is coming and will be received as the solution to the ‘wall’ the ‘crisis’ the caravans those seeking asylum – tag’em and process them – it’ll be like Hotel California you can check in but you can never check out.

  3. I disagree. The Dems talk about The Voting Rights Act and then promote the efforts to allow non citizens and incarcerated convicts to cancel out my vote. They are concerned about their power and do more to promote fear than anybody. Handout queens.

    • “The Trump Unity Bridge, created by a Rob Cortis from Michigan,”
      Created by Rob Cortis! not President Trump. As far as Trump being concerned with his own well being, Really do you hear yourself? Trump has always been a successful business man, his well being has always been set. In becoming President he knew it would be hard not only on himself but his family members, and sure enough it has, with comments such as your own, presenting such disdain in your comment.

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