Tucson Man Sentenced For Pyramid Federal Credit Union Robbery

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TUCSON – A Tucson man, Shad Richard Thompson, was sentenced to serve over 18 years) in prison and pay $4,784 in restitution after he was convicted by a jury of conspiracy to commit bank robbery and bank robbery.

Thompson’s term of imprisonment will be followed by three years of supervised release.

According to the Department o Justice, on October 5, 2017, Shad Thompson and Anna Lydia Thompson planned and executed the robbery of Pyramid Federal Credit Union located on East Grant Road, in Tucson.

The pair used a demand note to commit the bank robbery, which Anna wrote on a napkin while Shad told her what to write. Shad drove Anna to the Credit Union, parked in a space hidden by bushes, and waited while she went in to present the note demanding the Credit Union’s money.

Anna entered the Credit Union wearing Shad’s t-shirt and hat while carrying a purse that he had instructed her to use to carry out the Credit Union’s money. After presenting the demand note and receiving $4,784 from the teller, she departed the Credit Union, got back in the car with Shad, and the pair drove off.

The Thompsons fled Arizona, but were later arrested in Wyoming.

Further investigation revealed that Shad had been involved in multiple prior bank robberies.

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