Arizona Regents Approve Tuition Hikes


Tucson – On Thursday, the Arizona Board of Regents approved the 2019-20 tuition and fees for
Arizona’s public universities. Once again, the Regents approved tuition increases.

According to the Regents, in setting tuition, they consider numerous factors including revenues generated from tuition and fees; cost of attendance and median family income; the availability of student financial aid; the tuition of peer universities across the country; and resources required to meet the universities’ performance goals.

For the upcoming academic year:

• Arizona resident undergraduate students at Arizona State University will have an average 2.8 percent increase under a new structure that eliminates class fees but implements a four-tiered college fee.

• Northern Arizona University’s new undergraduate resident students will see a 2.9 percent increase in tuition and mandatory fees.

• University of Arizona’s new undergraduate resident students will see a 1.8 percent increase in tuition and mandatory fees.

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  1. Keep your eyes open for another raise for the 3 Prez… or if it isn’t that blatant, then watch for the bonuses… change something, anything… BONUS!!!

  2. surprise, surprise, surprise these guys are typical politicians, never get tired of putting their hands in other peoples pockets. Wanna bet they wont take a pay cut nor will the administrators of the colleges involved yet they base part of their finding on people income even when there isn’t any!

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