Activists Issue Demands, UofA President “Needs A Lesson On White Supremacy”

TUCSON – Last week, a small group of instructors and professors demanded in a letter that the University of Arizona Police drop misdemeanor charges against students, who stalked and harassed Border Patrol agents visiting campus during a career fair.

The letter, signed by academics from across the country including universities in Arizona, was sent at the same time sympathetic images of instructors, students, and elderly activists, engaged in peaceful protest, filled the airwaves and social media feeds.

Their message was clear and in complete support of that made by the student stalkers: the presence of law enforcement, specifically Border Patrol made students feel unsafe. The solution was unequivocal; either ban Border Patrol and ICE agents from campus or else.

In contrast to the romantic short snips on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds sent out by school and legacy press outlets, organizers were sharing their hate-filled diatribes elsewhere.

An unidentified activist issued their demand of University of Arizona officials: 1) drop all charges against the student protesters, 2) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to be banned from campus, and 3) no Border Patrol agents be allowed on campus.

A woman, who we are only able to identify by the last name Rainey, introduced herself as a member of Black Lives Matter and the Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund. In her speech, Rainey tells students, “The people of this campus are part of this town. And this town does not like Border Patrol. This town does not welcome ICE. This town is about building trust.”

“President Robbins,” said Rainey referring to University of Arizona President Robert Robbins, “if you don’t build that instead of sending us letters about civility, what you need is a lesson on white supremacy.”

The increasingly agitated activist advised the students, “We’ve got to fight people. We’ve got to fight for the soul of this city, the soul of this school, and the soul of this nation.”

“Do we support La Migra (Spanish for ICE agents)?” Rainey asked. “No,” responded the students.

“Do we allow white men to persecute our children?” Rainey asked. “No,” the students responded loudly.

Each time Rainey asked the students, “Do we fight?” they responded in the affirmative enthusiastically.

Although we were unable to ascertain the identity of the woman, a Tiera Rainey serves on the Pima Community Law Enforcement Partnership Commission.

Fellow commissioners, Isabel Garcia, a former Pima County public defender and Jessica Rodriguez, a DACA recipient with Living United for Change in Arizona and the Southside Worker Day Laborer Center, can be seen in the videos instructing protesters and cheering them on during Rainey’s rant.

The three women have been successful in blocking the acceptance of federal funding through the Operation Stonegarden grant program for the Pima County Sheriff’s Office. The grant provides funds for collaborative efforts between the Sheriff’s Office and Border Patrol. The grant money was accepted for years by Pima County officials but was determined by radicals to be unacceptable after president Trump was elected.

An unidentified activist took center stage to tell protesters that they are on a “racist-ass institution’s campus.” He thanked activists for participating but reminded them that “this is a campaign now. This is not about this week, this is not about this action. This is about the power and momentum we’ve built this week.”

“This isn’t about immigration,” he said, “this is about the fact that this institution is trying to marginalize women of color.” He concluded, “It is every single one of you’s (sic) jobs to make sure this action isn’t the last action that happens on this campus about this issue. We won’t stop until BP (Border Patrol) and ICE is off these campuses.”


In their demand letter, the academics claimed to be part of an organization called Professors of Color, called the misdemeanor charges a “draconian response to the peaceful protest on the UA campus on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. In particular, we are writing in support of the two undergraduate students who have been singled out and charged by the UAPD with interference of the peaceful conduct of an educational institution, trespassing, and intimidation. As you know, these students were exercising their First Amendment right to free speech upon seeing the presence of armed and uniformed Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents in The Modern Languages building.”

The students were not charged for participating in a peaceful protest. In fact, they not only disrupted an event, they stalked, harassed, and cursed at agents, calling them murderers.

Leading the group are University of Arizona Mexican American Studies (MAS) department head Anna Ochoa O’Leary, and Nolan Cabrera.

Cabrera has a long history of promoting student protest but is best known for his work on “whiteness.”

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  1. This whole mess amounts to
    Wait in line and do it LEGALLY

    My parents did.
    We shouldnt not be in this postion Its ashame ! Dems are to blame
    This is unfair to the American People and everything we stand for We Stand for Laws and if no one obeys them we are in big trouble
    This is a slap to my parents face & myself and my family my children

    This is an Slap in the face to Every American
    I really dont like having anger like this But when they Lie Cheat Steal from me and my fellow Americans I get very Upset
    My father Was in the Army Korea Japen Almost all his life he killed him self after serving 21 yrs Yes war is messy !
    But the lack of Respect of All Of us Americans is a bit much for me to take lighty

  2. I’m ashamed to have a degree from this left-wing propaganda mill. They are always begging for money. I wouldn’t give them a dime Ice and Border Patrol should have an office on campus.

  3. White, Brown, Yellow or Red? There is only one race of man kind. That’s human, and those that say and use a shade of skin to note a person is racist as well as ignorant. Perhaps their parents, and teachers taught them this hate speach.

  4. So much hate in these kids. This is not the campus I knew. The administration needs to stop this kind of hatred and bullying before it goes any further.

  5. Its time these kids get real life lessons starting with getting hit with disruption charges, maybe some outright removal from campus and all classes. Who the hell are they to dictate who will be allowed to speak at campus job fairs! First I put blame on liberal professors and next blame these out of control kids…yes kids since that what they are acting like and not like adults.

  6. I welcome ICE. She does not speak for us saying people in Tucson do not welcome ICE. My neighborhood does not go buy what she is saying. Some people would love a job with a border patrol or ise.

  7. If, as one of the “protesters” is claiming, the U of A is a racist-ass institution`s campus” there is more evidence that the racism on the U of A campus is grounded in the hatred of whites, not women of color, as the activist claims and also a hatred of the rule of law. Stalking and harassment of the Border Patrol agents visiting the campus are crimes and it is now up to prosecutors and the courts to decide the matter. Clearly, this “protest” is little more than a political action to prevent authorities from doing their duty and prosecuting those deemed responsible for the stalking and harassment of Border Patrol personnel who had every right to visit the campus for their stated purpose.

    • The President was voted by the American People He won because
      We wanted him to win
      Americans must and Always come first

      Dear Jon,
      Sounds like you need to go back to grade school.

  8. Time to cut off the University from taxpayer funding if they don’t kick out these activists. They are either too ignorant to be in college or too anti-American to go to an American college.

    • Free speech? Don’t you mean hate speech? These children have not been taught the difference between free and hate speech and as someone your age you should know better. If I say your an a$$ wipe is that free speech or hate speech?
      For people who claim to be tolerant, your intolerant. I am a citizen of the city, my child graduated from Eller at university of Az, I fully support ice and border patrol, don’t i have a right to have these men and women treated fairly, even if you don’t like them.
      Your on the wrong side of history al. Btw I am Hispanic born and raised by superior parents.

      • Great comment !
        Spoiled brats and Dems are whats wrong
        Wait until these kids land in jail because i have a feeling this whats going to happen
        They have no Respect No Morals
        No Shame
        I blame their parents And the nasty example of the Democratic party

    • Albert, hope you are doing OK, but please, all speech for the liberals is OK, right even hate speech, like baby killers, murder patrol, etc. But then look at AOC bitching about the right talking about her and she says that is hate speech. How about the idiot representative Omar from the Muslim liberal stronghold of Minnesota that hates Jews and makes her feelings known but when she is called on the carpet she falls behind the free speech card. See any issues here? Thought not.

  9. Aren’t these kids just so dumb now that they don’t have a clue how the world works and on top of that the adults in the room have no balls to say now. We are on the down hill slide and the adults are scared to death to stop it. So sad for this country. Being intimidated by the little brats that have never been told no.

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