Massive Numbers Bused To Mexico/Arizona Border In Recent Days

Today, Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 980 individuals that illegally crossed the border in 3 large groups. The groups, mostly comprised of family units from Central America, were apprehended in the El Paso and Tucson Sectors.

U.S. Border Patrol camera operators spotted a mass of people before 5:00 a.m., arrive in multiple buses just south of the U.S.-Mexico border approximately 14 miles west of the Port of Lukeville. The group of 360 migrants then surrendered to agents after they illegally entered the country.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, agents watched as the group exited the buses and walked under the vehicle barrier that sits on the international boundary.

The group consisted of mostly family units from Central America.

Ajo Border Patrol agents quickly worked to determine if any members of the group needed medical attention, and then began to transport the group for processing, according to CBP.

National Park Service employees assisted agents at the site of the crossing, which sits on the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Additional Border Patrol assets from around the Tucson Sector were diverted to provide humanitarian, transportation, and processing assistance for the large group.

CBP issued a press release in which it is noted that the agency is “facing an alarming trend in the rising volume of people illegally crossing our Southwest Border. The arriving flow is made up primarily of Central American families and unaccompanied children. This stark and increasing shift to more vulnerable populations, combined with the overwhelming numbers, and inadequate capacity to detain families and children has created a humanitarian and border security crisis.”

CBP says the “increase in apprehensions is taxing the entire immigration system, especially the capabilities of ICE and CBP, creating an untenable situation for both CBP personnel and migrants.”

Later in the day, Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls signed a Proclamation of Emergency, due to the high number of migrant family releases by U.S. Border Patrol which is overwhelming the non-profit shelter system.

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    • Wonder if us Americans can just start a convoy of Cars Trucks Vans etc and give these illegals a lift to San Fransico
      We dont want our President to get trouble
      So why not us ? If we went all together We are sitting on our butts doing nothing but complain
      Get some sponsers to help with gas Off to Calif Coast we go
      and points in between !!
      Like Death Valley

  1. We are getting their trashy criminals
    If they had jobs homes etc they wouldnt leave
    Isnt this what England did to their criminals shipped them all to Austraila
    Send them back
    And why was the bus even allowed to cross ?
    Should have been turned back in Mexico
    Guess whos gonna pay for cooling centers this summer ? My elec bill went up this last few months
    Ill be dam if I pay for their elec when i dont have a air conditioning this summer
    But bleeding hearts are goinging to be yelling because these trashy Illegals are fainting in southern az
    Duecy you better have a plan
    To Protect us Arizonions

  2. makes me wonder if Mr. Soro’s is not behind this ‘people move’ as the newest ploy, ongoing to overthrow ‘Democracy’ and this nation – driving and opening the way for one world government – with US as the boss of it. Not a scenario that will play well internationally – perhaps bringing about the destruction of this nation? Could be that catalyst that brings Russia and EU to join for that hour and time… always wondered what could cause this – this is one possibility – oh the answer to the ‘crisis’ to ID Chip and tag all of us of course, for complete control. Kind of like airport security turning grandma into the flight terrorist…

    • Billy, you have a Great point
      This is exacty what I have trying to say
      But your words are more to the point and better expressed

      Yes, think about it, Its the ugly under belly eating away at our American Core Values
      Ignored by everyone because they have this Ego of we are great and they wont try that on us!
      The signs are all here.
      Drugs, crime, civil unrest, Dems, Omar Cortez etc

      We are great but not for long

      And the pieces of puzzle are starting to come together
      That old song ” Stop look around theres a man with a gun over there STOP AND Be aware
      We all know the billions and billions of dollars the Cartels have and the Countys where Heroin comes from! And the Armys they have
      There is Evil in the Shadows

  3. I heard Elias, Huckelberry, Bronson & Valadez all have big yards & big houses. Maybe they’ll take them in.

  4. We should not have to detain them here. We should be able to put tbem on buses back to Mexico. If they wanted asylum, they should have said yes to Mexico!

  5. guess he didnt see news tonight, 400 caught outside the lukeville crossing today!

    But to the democraps these are not illegals just displaced democrap voters.

  6. But Richard Elias says there’s no crisis at the border. This can’t be true!!! I dare Mr. Buckmaster to present this article, and numerous others, to Dick and see what his response is!

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