Tucson Apartment Complex Prohibited Pregnant Residents

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Phoenix – The Sahara Apartments and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office Civil Rights Division have settled a case involving a charge of housing discrimination.

TBM Equities doing business as Sahara Apartments operates an apartment complex exclusively for students near the University of Arizona in Tucson.

According to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, the Tucson Civil Rights Division brought a charge of housing discrimination against Sahara Apartments after viewing an example lease agreement on the apartment complex’s website. A portion of the lease agreement read:

“If you are female and become pregnant while you are a resident of Sahara Apartments, you must vacate the apartment upon or prior to the birth of your child and pay any unpaid balance of your Contract Price.”

The Civil Rights Division alleged that Sahara Apartments discriminated based on familial status and sex in violation of the Arizona Fair Housing Act.


As a result of the Conciliation Agreement, Sahara Apartments:

  • was assessed a $2,000 civil penalty,
  • agreed to create a policy that prohibits discrimination and retaliation per the Arizona Fair Housing Act,
  • shall provide written notice to all current tenants that the offending paragraph is void and no longer in effect,
  • shall ensure that the offending language will not be included in new leases, and
  • is required to have all managers attend fair housing discrimination training.

A copy of the Conciliation Agreement is available. The Attorney General can make public the Conciliation Agreement if he determines disclosure would further the purposes of the Arizona Fair Housing Act.

Arizona law protects your right to have a place to live and makes it unlawful for any person to discriminate in connection with housing because of an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or physical or mental disability. Additionally, Arizona’s Fair Housing statutes make it illegal to discriminate against someone because they are pregnant.


  1. I’m genuinely surprised that an apt complex in Tucson actually created and tried to enforce such a disgusting document. This kind of policy has been prohibited for over 50 years, and rightly so.

  2. She not really a student. that or someone shoulda taught her to keep her knees together ..
    Its obvious she cant be taught
    This is one reason we have Spoiled Brats Send her home
    Hope that landlord keeps a close eye on these freaks they be smoking that wacky weed
    Then he can kick her out
    This is not what we need is more Goverment telling us our own rules on property We clearly put aside for serouis students
    Not &**es
    Maybe she should teach Sex Education .

    • Obviously, you’re the reason why we have birth control. Your mom should’ve told your father, “No.”

  3. Its people like this to incite and cry Its not discriminting
    Its saying we house students
    Not children rules are rules
    You knew it going in
    See how they are twisting our very own standards against us.
    Shes there to learn not get knocked up …
    I woulda fought this

    • The rules are illegal and there is no exemption for discriminating against females. It’s an apartment complex, not a reform school. You’re crazy and you have a low opinion of women.

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