USBP Agents, Mexican Officials Rescue Group Of Lost Illegal Aliens

On Monday, United States Border Patrol agents and officials from Sonora, Mexico, worked together to rescue a group of 16 migrants lost in the desert near Ajo.

The bi-national effort began early Monday morning, when the Ajo Border Patrol Station received a call from Mexican officials at C-5, the Mexican equivalent of a 911 dispatch. Mexican officials stated they received a call from a group of 16 migrants who reported being lost while trying to illegally cross into the United States, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Mexican officials were able to three-way connect the call to Border Patrol agents, who spoke directly to the caller.

According to CBP, the caller described the area where the group was located, and once the general location was established, CBP launched air assets while Border Patrol agents searched on the ground. While searching for the original caller and his group, agents come across two other groups in the same area, arresting a total of 48 illegal border crossers.

Shortly after the arrest of the two groups, a CBP helicopter crew spotted another group of 16, which matched the caller’s description. Border Patrol agents rescued the group and identified the caller.

All of the 64 arrested illegal aliens will be processed for immigration violations, according to CBP.


  1. we need catch and return. rescue them and then send them packing back over the border where they belong.

  2. Why (rescue)them ! Just turn them back !
    Thats Mexicos job Not Ours
    They are just laughing at us
    in our faces !

    • They couldn’t “turn them back” unless they rescued them first. And given that they were in the desert, I’m GRATEFUL they were rescued.

      • I’m glad that it ended well, with no dead bodies on either side. That being said – those people would have been better off using the money they paid some coyote to bring them over. on making their lives better in their OWN country.

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