Border Patrol Agent Assaulted By Illegal Alien From Ecuador

TUCSON – A Tucson Sector Border Patrol agent was attacked by a 37-year-old Ecuadorian man atop a mountain south of Tucson.

Agents assigned to the Sonoita Station responded to a group of suspected illegal aliens walking along a remote trail near Lone Mountain outside of Patagonia on Wednesday evening. As agents attempted to apprehend the suspected illegal aliens, a man in the group struck a Border Patrol agent several times, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The man fought the agent for several minutes even as they both slid down a hillside. After several minutes, additional agents were able to aid in handcuffing the man and ending the struggle.

CBP noted in its press release that two Mexican nationals, also illegally present in the country, were arrested during the incident. All three men were transported the Sonoita Border Patrol Station. Medical personnel evaluated the agent and the Ecuadorian man. Both declined further medical attention.

The Ecuadorian national is facing criminal charges for assaulting a federal agent. All three men will remain in custody to be processed for immigration violations.

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  1. take the one out and toss him down some cliffs then drag him behind a pickup truck to the border and toss whats left of him over the border barrier. Mexico can take care of him if they want to… if not its not our problem.

  2. BUILD THE DAMN WALL! Get out there and work for candidates in the primary who will back PDJT’s agenda. Start working now and we’d love your help on Brandon Martin’s campaign for CD2. Help us take out Joseph Morgan who worked against Ally in her last election primary. Brandon has a great chance to take out Kirkpatric and support our great President.

  3. These are only the ones that get caught !
    Think of the other violent and non law abiding ones that get across
    Thank You Border Patrol
    Job well done

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