Arizona In Crisis: Sunday’s Comic


Crisis politics rules at leftist AZ Republic
Continuing invasion by illegal aliens on our southern border doesn’t meet crisis standard but everything else does

Recent issues of the failing Arizona Republic feature skewed headlines that fit its leftwing agenda. Everything is a crisis, but its own dilapidating health on which it doesn’t report. Stock prices for Gannett Co, Inc., it’s parent company, continue to plummet as it struggles to fend off a hostile takeover by MNG, a newspaper conglomerate. Gannett’s answer is that it’s pursuing “a digital transformation” (read an end to far more costly to produce hard copies) and “quality journalism,” long known to be comatose at the Hillary-endorsing local newspaper.

Sample full page report headlines reveal the identity politics that undergirds its mission:

“Arizona Faces an Imprisonment Crisis, but the burden is not equally shared in all of our communities. “ The thrust of the article is that “people of color” are incarcerated more frequently, and for longer terms.

Missing is the fact that juries, who have weighed the evidence in criminal trials, decide the fate of defendants. Many are recidivists, who disproportionately commit increasingly serious crimes.